June 12th, 2004


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There are lots of interesting thoughtful posts about issues with a side of what-have-I-been-doing-with-my-life-recently (which is mostly TNG talk; really, people talking about issues and being me of course i include the issues one gets into in quality fannish talk, though i don't have anything particularly brilliant to say about TNG so far is far more interesting than normal life stuff) in the works, but for now you just get some fannish links:

rj_anderson argues convincingly (spoilers through HP5:OotP) that James Potter was a bad bad man, focusing specifically on his relationship with Lily (and of course there is discussion in the comments).

fox1013 has a poll about certain Whedonvere ships.

stakebait asks "What is it about a source text that makes you guys want to write fanfic for it?"

doyle_sb4 wrote Faith/Tara (AU from "Bad Girls"): "Nice Girls"