July 7th, 2004

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So, we got a flyer from Teen Voices about the Revolutionary Women Boston 2004 conference, and i'm uninterested, but then she e-mailed us re: a workshop Teen Voices is doing (asking if any of us wanted to help out) and it actually looks really cool.

This is the attached flyer:

The Un-Convention: Politicking, Power & Prose

A One-day Summer Workshop on Young Women and Political Writing

Date: Saturday, July 24 (Democratic Convention is July 26-29)

Concept: A day of thinking about different forms of writing that can be political. Explore expressing yourself in poetry, playwriting, music, cartoons, and from the political podium. The sessions will be a mixture of speaking and Q&As plus time for the teens to do some writing games/exercises and sharing.

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Complaining that Fuffy sites are never updated, a friend of mine created an auto-archive site. (Oh and speaking of... i heart doyle_sb4's archive list -- and no it doesn't just link 'ship archives.)

This reminds me that i still want my own domain. I know i posted ages ago asking for recommendations of hosting places, but i didn’t think to bookmark that post, so i’m asking again. I’ve used Angelfire and know enough HTML that i don’t want templates. I don’t really know how this whole hosting thing works, nor do i even particularly know how to go about registering a domain name, so pointers are much appreciated.
you think you know...

Huh, this is interesting.

[Checking out the "more info" link, i see that "rarer interest" means one shared by fewer than 20 users.]

[Oh and hedy, look: blog_sociology]

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