July 11th, 2004

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Apparently today is Churches Oppose Gay Marriage Sunday or something. I whispered to my mother, "If i'd known that, i would have boycotted." But it ended up just meaning that Tim talked a lot at the beginning of the service about the upcoming vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment and stuff. One interesting thing he said was that politicians aren't gonna act unless pressured, so it's not the fault of the politicians, or the judges, or even the homosexual activists, it's the fault of the people of God for not telling the politicians what they want. First time i've ever heard someone with his beliefs on gay marriage saying something like that. Then he talked about various reasons why we should oppose gay marriage, all of which i found problematic of course. But then he talked about hate speech laws and i had one of those "Why do you have to make my side look bad?" moments. I keep insisting that separation of church and state will mean churches will retain their rights to refuse to perform same-sex marriages and to preach that homosexuality is a sin. But apparently there have already been cases (in Canada, i think -- which makes sense since i remember mentioning how problematic a new hate speech law there was) of pastors getting in trouble for saying homosexuality is a sin. I have such problems with hate speech laws. Even more than i do with hate crime laws.

PB's sermon on John 21:1-17 made me want Jesus/Simon Peter slash.
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