July 16th, 2004

crazy [lavellebelle]

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OMG, this computer is painfully slow. And i can't get the fucking HotBar to go away [except on a page by page basis] 'cause i'm not an administrator. Earlier today, ContentAdvisor (which Carole was surprised we even had on the computer) wouldn't let me access house.gov and Carole logged on as an administrator and it wouldn't accept any of her passwords. (She tried every password they had ever used.)


Put two short stories into process today. We're doing the Shelley one that Ellyn liked, but the dance one will be on the online version so Jenny and i like half-win.

Am currently fact-checking an article on partial-birth abortion while SpyBot runs in the background. (I was pleased to see the computer had SpyBot on it.)

Will be picking up lilithchilde at South Station in a couple hours. Looking forward to the weekend. (hedy, we'll be in touch.)

I agree with antheia that the best Buffy threesome result so far is laxeep's.