July 21st, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

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Well, i called today 8 hours even though i arrived 10 minutes late and was sent home 15 minutes early.

Poor Jenny has been working on this election feature 8 hours/day, 2 days/week, since we started. She thinks she’s maybe finally done. I went through the entire paper trail and did up a source list for the partial-birth abortion piece, so i think that’s finally done. Had already been enlisted to draft a Girl Talk on youth and AIDS, so i expect that’ll be my next project.

The zine project seems to have been handed off to Kerry (Arts & Culture). I printed out a few articles for Ellyn to give to Kerry and will give her the zines as i get them.

My I Bificus CD seems to have vanished from its case. What up?

My watch battery died Friday morning, so i went down to South Norwood to George the Jeweler yesterday and there were these movers emptying out the building. Boo. There are a bajillion jewelers in the phone book, but that one was so convenient.

Heather, your postcard came yesterday.

Also got a card and jewelry from Kevin and my Plimpton award. And i e-mailed Emma because it’s her birthday today and i hadn’t heard from in a while, and she had had the same idea earlier that day, so i ended up getting 2 e-mails from her (her original, plus a reply to mine). Nice when it works out like that. And it was good to hear from her, as always. And i found out that Layna hadn’t dropped off the face of the planet. So yeah, life is generally good.

Saw a bunny on my way home this evening. I was almost home when i saw it dart across the street ahead of me. And then when i got to my house it was in the front lawn eating clover or something. As i approached it got all still, ears flat on its back, so i just continued walking calmly by so as to not spook it.
hermione by oatmilk

Yes, my life is boring.

So, yesterday i was tired -- dozing off on the train and stuff -- and yet i stayed up to write lengthy responses to Emma’s e-mails and comply with Allie’s request for more detailed commentary on the mix she made me. And then i slept in but only by a couple hours today and have been high-functioning all day. *shrugs*

Teen Editorial Board meeting today. The ice-breaker was “If you could do anything right now, what would you do.” I am currently so real world grounded, i kept thinking “I want an apartment of my own, and to get into a good grad school.” And i’m such a dork that even trying to stretch myself i’m like “I wanna run a fanfiction department at a university.”

Watched Poltergeist with my brother tonight. I have a lot of distinct memories of it from seeing it once as a child, but he had never seen it. He’s seen The Exorcist (which i haven’t, though i’m getting it from the library) and said that it tries to be Poltergeist. Exorcist was 1973 and Poltergeist was 1982, so of course that’s not strictly an accurate assessment, but i enjoyed the fact that he considered one of my childhood movies better than a cult classic.