July 24th, 2004

you think you know...

The tale of the twice-drowned rat.

Wow, i have never been this wet before when i still had my clothes on.

That day with Jonah when we didn't have umbrellas and my t-shirt got plastered to me? Is nothing compared to this. And i was so not dressed for it. Black knit pants anyone?

I'm getting ready to leave the house and my dad says there are heavy showers which are supposed to last for about another hour. Okay fine, i bring an umbrella.

I'm walking, and totally getting my feet wet, and soon it's over my ankles at spots. And the cars often resemble speedboats: driving through water that almost covers their wheels, generating serious waves -- not just those quick sheets like when cars speed through puddles, but waves that actually go to the sidewalk like waves coming in to shore. Then i'm almost at the train station and the wind blows my umbrella inside out (thankfully i managed to get it blown right side out shortly thereafter) and then i'm trekking through the entrance to a parking lot and the water is nearly up to my knees. Funny thing is, i don't even mind that much, just keep thinking how intense this all is. Then i'm waiting for the train and the wind is blowing and the air seems so much dryer than it has the past few days (which is no surprise; how can there still be any moisture left in the air after all this?)

So i get out at Ruggles and by this time i've begun to dry a bit, so i'm in that uncomfortable damp phase. It seems like the rain has lessened, and it's far more windy though the air is much cooler as well, and the drainage system seems to be working much better. Soon it seems to be just as rainy, though, and the wind makes an umbrella seem even more useless (it means i can still see through my glasses, though, even as my shirt as well as my pants get soaked) and soon i find patches of water up to my ankles. There's something kind of warming about being so wet, though, so it's not all that bad.

I find the entrance to Simmons no problem, though, and am now in their lounge which conveniently has computers (though they're Macs, which annoy me, and there's little new on LJ since last night). Will likely curl up in a corner with the book i brought until the conference actually starts (which shouldn't be that far away, actually).
hermione by oatmilk

So, um, i'm ALMOST all dry now.

Dinner's at my grandma's tonight 'cause we have family visiting, but i think i'm gonna hit my house first so i can actually be comfortable in my clothes.

The conference was, big surprise, babySmith.

And that's about all i have to say about that. Think i'm gonna head to Ruggles and sit with my book and wait for my train.