July 27th, 2004

crazy [lavellebelle]

I hate my job.

"Do some brainstorming and make 3 suggestions for Girl Talk topics. Do some preliminary research on each."

Anyone wanna help me out? 'cause i'm drawing a total blank. (The Girl Talk feature is basically anything in current events relating to women.)

I'm also supposed to research this thing that one of the UnConvention speakers said -- that Gap has been selling little girl shirts with "68" on them -- and a variety of Google searches, plus searches of Gap.com itself have turned up absolutely nothing. Have any of you heard anything about this?
cc sexeh shoe [wickedripeplum]

This item not for resale.

So, one of the things we inherited from They Who Moved to California is Absolut Citron -- lemon vodka. This shit is horrible. Smells exactly like rubbing alcohol, tastes kinda cottony. I said i probably had friends who would take it off our hands, the beauty of mixed drinks or of being too drunk to care or whatever. My father won't let me give it away, though, because it's... interesting... an acquired taste... earth logic fails here i think.