August 7th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

So, um, an update.

Saw Christine on the train coming back from Boston today. Awkward isn’t the word for the superficial catching-up kind of small talk us graduates do because i’ve ceased to expect anything more from these encounters. I think the best descriptor for them is “neutral.”

My Steve Maddens are totally falling apart, which makes me so growly. Usually i buy a pair of shoes at Payless for about $10-15 and then buy a replacement pair a year later when they’re falling apart. This year it was the wrong season for the kind of shoes i wanted when mine were falling apart, so figuring it was worth dropping some extra money on shoes that would last since i’ve been getting the same style for years. So i bought a pair of Steve Maddens and a pair of Mudds (i couldn’t decide which pair i liked better and figured it was good to have more than one pair of shoes). Each cost approximately $30. It turns out that with any serious walking the Mudds eat up my feet. And less than three months after purchasing them, my Steve Maddens are totally falling apart. We are not amused.

Speaking of money, recently it occurred to me that i think $9 for a movie is obscene but i spend $2.50 round trip to buy a $3.95 fruit smoothie that i finish by the time the subway hits the third station. Guess we all have our quirks.

Got my I Bificus CD today. It seems to have taken the scenic route through the USPS (it was postmarked July 20). Turns out i ordered the American version, having forgotten that there are two versions of that album and that the one i had was the Canadian one. And it’ll cost me close to $15 to get another copy of the Canadian version. Damn what the hell happened to my CD? I have the case; the CD just seems to have vanished. Not that it’s the end of the world having the American version. It does have 2 songs the Canadian one doesn’t have (though i liked the Canadian CD’s bonus tracks of remixes of “spaceman” and “lucky”). However, when i put it into my computer (which is how i listen to almost all of my music) it wants to install HyperCD, so i haven’t actually listened to it yet and thus don’t know if the versions of the shared songs differ markedly (the listed track times are slightly different). Hopefully i can use the CD to make a mix CD without having to install HyperCD.

I really haven’t been doing much besides going to work, reading books, and watching videos.

Lost in Translation was so very underwhelming. Why do i see/read things just because everyone and her roommate said it was good?

I was surprised at how much i liked Empire Records and Chasing Amy, though.

The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls in Love is not the greatest movie ever made, but you’ve gotta respect a movie that takes on the portrayal of the awkwardness of adolescent relations so realistically. Plus, “Unshelter me” is such a hot line.

Reading The Importance of Being Earnest i kept feeling reminded of Christopher Durang and had to keep reminding myself that of course Durang came after Wilde. (I also read The Picture of Dorian Gray, and was struck by how much Harry’s philosophy reminded me so much of Sade.)

I read My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult) because SheOfTheManyUserNames insisted. It’s a story i wouldn’t have thought of. Very well-done. I’ll never think of that Chicken Soup for the Soul story about the little boy who agrees to give blood for his sister, thinking they’re going to take all of it, the same way again. Joanne said she didn’t like the ending. It didn’t feel entirely right to me either, but i’m not sure there’s any ending that would have been *right* -- which only makes sense, i suppose, given the book.

Endless Nights came in while i was working Wednesday morning, so i brought it home. Because i’d read Dream Hunters, when i see Endless Nights talked about i keep thinking i’ve already read it. I was unimpressed at first, but by the time it got to “The Heart of a Star” i was again reminded of why i love Gaiman so much.

I was not particularly enthralled by this year’s Smith summer reading book. This may be a theme.

I enjoyed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen quite a lot. *hearts on the referentiality* (and the hotness, and the snark)
1000 Buffyverse Pairings
Because our fandom's the sluttiest of them all, dammit
dorrie6, have you or any of your people heard of drop_the_u? rhipowered posted mentioning it and i thought about the recent talk on your journal about Americanisms and Britishisms in fic. (The reverse -- though HP-centric -- exists in the form of hp_britglish)

And continuing with the text theme... a while back, carpdeus posted this year’s Bulwer-Lytton contest winners. I actually liked some of them. Collapse )
hermione by oatmilk

Regional pride, repruhsent!

Today’s A Prairie Home Companion is a rerun of when they were at the Wang Center back in February. Desafortunadamente, it’s Pledge time, so the broadcast keeps getting interrupted for that obnoxiousness. However, i did learn that you can listen to old programs thanks to the website, though. (The one in question is here, and you can even listen to just particular segments or to the program in its entirety.)
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So, the pledgetime people keep saying stuff like "We're doing great, but we still haven't reached our goal. We're keeping the phones will open until nine o'clock because we don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to support this program -- even if you only listen to it one month out of the year." I want, even just once, for them to say, "So, um, we were planning to be asking for pledges for another hour and a half, but we just reached our goal, and we can't continue asking for donations because that massive donation we just received which enabled us to meet our goal was contingent upon us ceasing to ask for pledges for the remainder of the evening, so, um, we're just gonna put on some Tchaikovsky and, uh, maybe go out for some drinks."
diablo robotico [saava]

When did i stop being so stingy, exactly?

Damn, checking out the Bif Naked website i wanna buy more stuff. DVD of videos? Her early spoken words CDs actually available?

I also wanna buy this to along with my Black Death: European Tour t-shirt for those “Fuck Off and Die” days.

I’m really tempted to buy this ‘cause i’m a whore. None of the matches sound familiar, though, which is frustrating. But it is only $10+shipping. *remembers* Damn WWE has a lotta videos.

"I can resist anything but temptation."
I should read Lady Windermere's Fan.
P.S. Have i ever mentioned how much i dislike quotations being attributed to people when actually the statement is from a fictional work and thus not necessarily the sentiment of the author?

edit: Have read Lady Windermere's Fan. Exact quote is: “I can resist everything except temptation.” (spoken by Lord Darlington)

[Am also tempted to solve this whole footwear issue by finding a pair of black combat boots somewhere. Not that i have a Daria complex or anything.]