August 14th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

"I'm a butterfly in a blizzard..."

There were large plastic bottles of lemonade (two regular, one pink) at the Teen Voices party, and i was reminded of the impossibility of purchasing actual lemonade in England. It occurred to me that it must be possible since lemonade is one of the ingredients in Pimms. Is it just a specialty purchase or something? *looks at UK people*

My museum boss e-mailed me (she’s so cute: "Don't know whether you're excited at the thought of your return or you're just resigned to the idea, but I hope the summer refreshed and invigorated your already enthusiastic spirit."), gave me a synopsis of all that’s been going on there, asked if i’d be back on campus and willing to work Fri. Sept. 3 as she’s trying to get some vacation time around Labor Day. Sadly, i don’t return until Sept. 5

This is interesting, though not surprising. *bites tongue on comments re: the bit about Michael Moore’s latest*

Who’s intimidated by the sample essays in Graduate Admissions Essays: Write Your Way Into the Graduate School of Your Choice (Donald Asher, 2000)? That would be me. Everyone is mad brilliant/experienced/published. (Plus reading about all these people who are refining vaccination techniques and suchlike makes me feel lame about being a humanities gal.)

Am researching faculty at the programs i’m looking at to make sure my interests actually map onto those of some of the faculty. This is frustrating because so many professors have interests that are totally not mine (though i’m also a big dork who often thinks things like “Ooh, i wanna read that professor’s book when it comes out”; i’ve been dorking out even worse reading what various graduate students are working out) but it is definitely valuable not only because it’s an important part of applying to grad school, but because it’s forcing me to hone and articulate exactly what it is i want to study in grad school -- what i want to do when i get out and how i wanna get there. (I’m also noting the institutional background of the professors who do have similar areas of interest to make sure there aren’t any graduate programs i haven’t looked into that perhaps i should.) I think i need to draft a Statement of Purpose before i start e-mailing professors.

My brother wants to go down to Brown this Wednesday, so i need to reacquaint myself with that program and figure out what i should do when visiting since grad is so different from undergrad and school’s not even in session right now. I should check out the applyingtograd memories section about this, huh?

Damn, why don’t people in my area do experiments like this?

Teen Voices got a promo copy of Amanda Shelby’s CD Butterfly in a Blizzard, and a VHS of the music video for the title track, too. She has a good sound. I particularly like Track2 ("Chalk on the Sidewalk") and Track6 ("Kiss Me Softly").

Anyone want my copy of Luna? Much thanks to offbalance for the copy. Not a bad read. I don’t particularly care to keep the book, though.

Thanks, mpoetess. "Tom of Finland’s 001 Rebel is the first in the series of officially licensed Adult Action Figures based on the artwork by TOM OF FINLAND. This American classic, as portrayed by film greats James Dean and Marlon Brando, is brought to life with TOM’s unique vision in 001 Rebel. He's a poseable 13" tall figure who comes with (among other things) detachable penis (cut and un-cut) and "Play hard Play safe" rubbers. (Oh, and her explanation of who this Tom is: "Tom of Finland was a fetishy-kinky artist of primarily gay images. He's famous for big guys with broad shoulders, tiny waists, huge cocks, lots of leather, and very biteable asses.")

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"chalk on the sidewalk, writing on the walls, brings back memories i love to recall..."

"Hmm, a mere 4 Dawn drabbles would elevate her to the 5th most promiscuous person in the Jossverse. That's a project for later... " -doyle_sb4, commenting on buffyverse1000 stats

You know, i miss the insanity of last semester when i was writing so much fic. I’ve just been so unmotivated this summer. Burnt-out, then energy diverted to lots of other things. I think i’m gonna turn one of my longer (non-Whedonverse) fics into NaNoWriMo this year (yes i know it’s against the rules to use an in-process work, but it’s not like it’ll be anywhere near 50,000 words anyway; the point is to make myself write). I haven’t even read any fic (in any fandom) in ages. It’s like i’m burnt-out on all things fannish. Which is ironic since i’m currently throwing myself into applying to grad school with the intent to spend the rest of my life immersed in fandom.

Return to Smith: 3 weeks from tomorrow. *cheers* I suddenly have a plethora of social gatherings in my future, though i think i will return to Smith not having seen Joe, Ashley (unless you’re working when i dine at PP this Saturday), Sam, or Tracey all summer despite our physical proximity.