August 31st, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

“You need to be kissed often, by somebody who knows how to do it.” -Rhett Butler

At moments at work Monday evening i was reminded of Michele’s statement about being driven to drink. The computer kept giving me quirky messages and there were difficult patrons. All in all it was fine, though. Hella busy. I got all the mail done, though, which i don’t always manage. Was so busy between 6 and 8 i never even had time to tell Marcia to take a break (she works 5-9 and is entitled to a half hour break but never takes it despite the insistence of those working with her).

Marcia was complaining about MR (a crotchety old man whose poor hearing makes it worse) and Anne was there too and said she doesn’t mind him. She said you just have to talk to him like he talks to you, and we’re both used to sarcastic banter and suchlike. I think we’d had this conversation before. The people i have difficulty with are the people who will just start talking and never stop.

I walked into Perks (moldy bread meant to dinner from home for me) and MH said hi to me. I considered trying to get my order to go, but i decided i wasn’t about to let the crazies keep me from enjoying my supper. I got a table near the back and sat and ate and read and after about twenty minutes he came over and started talking to me about watercolor painting (there are a number up on the wall in Perks) and finally went away and soon he started talking to the workers behind the counter (i was reminded of being trapped behind the circulation desk) and since i was really tired of listening to him i went back to the library and finished out my supper hour reading in the break room.

Terry’s been on vacation for 2 weeks and he asked me what i had been up to. I told him about grad school. He thought the stuff i wanted to research was cool. It’s not like i need his validation for my academic endeavors, but....

I told Terry i had finally gotten an Ivy Day dress but i needed to get a slip because it was somewhat see through. Of course he said something like, “And the fact that it’s see-through is a problem because...?”

‘Cause i’m leaving soon i asked if he’s gonna miss me. “Most definitely.” I replied that even though he always says that, whenever i see him he’s just like “Hi, how’ve you been?” “What do you want me to do?,” he replied, “Jump you and hump you?” Oh, my baby.

Terry’s PSA is that Open Water is a waste of an hour and a half. Well maybe not a waste of an hour and 24 minutes, but definitely a waste of the $6 he paid for a matinee viewing.

Tuesday i went in to Boston to chat with Matt Stahl. His mom went to Smith in the 50s! And guess from whence she hailed originally? Ayup. I should have asked what her name was since the NHS yearbooks go back to about 1940.

Finally signed up for a gmail account. (Sidenote, thanks to ironed_orchid in academics_anon: got codes to give away? check out gmail_invite.) I heart that one of the Security Question options is "What is your library card number?" Before i hop over to gmail_invite, is there anyone here who wants a gmail invite code?
hermione by oatmilk

"But today, the age-old right of children to work is under attack."

Despite all expectations, i actually really enjoyed Zoolander.

Watching the credits my father was curious who was covering "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (they played the original in the movie, but a cover over the credits, and interestingly it’s the cover that’s on the soundtrack). Turns out was Rufus Wainwright. “Who’s Rufus Wainwright?” my father says. I boggle. This is my father who knows everything. Contemporary media is really not his strong suit, though.

Poking around IMDb...
Moore Thanks GOP for More Publicity
Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker Michael Moore was seated in the press gallery at New York's Madison Square Garden during Sen. John McCain's address to the Republican National Convention Monday night when McCain referred to him as "a disingenuous filmmaker who would have us believe that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace" before the U.S. invasion. (In his film, Moore shows peaceful scenes of children at play in Baghdad in the hours preceding the U.S. invasion, then contrasts these to scenes of injured civilians, including children, following the U.S.-led invasion.) As convention delegates cheered and shouted "four more years," Moore, who is credentialed as a journalist for USA Today, doffed his familiar baseball cap and laughed. Later, he told the Washington Post, "Hey, the film's doing $120 million right now. ... When McCain mentions it, I have a chance to do $150 million. It just creates more interest, more excitement."
Not that i was ever particularly into USA Today, but i now officially have no respect for them.
Aguilera's Saucy Post-Awards Antics
Pop rebel Christina Aguilera shocked club revelers by outrageously flirting with her girlfriends at post-MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) party on Sunday. The sexy singer, who is dating Jordan Bratman, and a group of female friends went to nightclub boss Tommy Puccio's party at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami, Florida, following the star-studded ceremony at the American Airlines Arena. A partygoer says, "Christina was leaning back in a director's chair while the girls danced between her fishnets. She even hitched her ankles up on one of her girlfriend's shoulders." According to onlookers, socialite Paris Hilton was keen to join the fun after watching the pop star in awe. The partygoer adds, "Paris clearly wanted to get in on this. She sat next to Christina, who dropped her three girlfriends and put her arm around Paris, who leaned into the crook of her neck."
As someone said recently, “RPS. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.”