September 4th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

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Someone stole my domain *pouts* (Obviously i hadn't actually bothered to register it so it's not really mine, but in my head i had claimed it. And i would have put it to better use.)

I should really be in bed, but i figured i'd make mix CDs while no one else was using this computer. Tomorrow (technically today now) i can sleep and veg and whatever.

Still have gmail invites if anyone wants one.
you think you know...

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Am all packed, save my computer. I leave in approximately 12 hours. Go me.

Pulling clothes out of my closet i actually kinda wanted to go through all the stuff [clothes] i was leaving behind and see if i really wanted to keep it all, but i don't feel up for trying on umpteen million shirts. That can be a project for when i'm back later in the semester.