September 8th, 2004

that which IT has not [fox1013]

fuck (massage school and bartending)

E-mailed 7/12 places (one of which bounced back, fucker). Found full info on the websites for the other ones. Two require English Subject Test, but neither of them are top choices. Oops, e-mailed 2 different people at UPenn; my bad.

I am so screwed. The same places that require English Subject Test, also require GPAs way higher than mine (minimum 3.5 for one, 3.7 for the other). I had already been panicking about the fact that various places want a writing sample of at least 10 pages and i'm not sure i've written any critical essays that long (my rewritten fairy tale for Betsey was that long, but that doesn't count). Smith is big with the 6-8 pagers, which i'm generally quite okay with but which is gonna sorely bite me in the ass. I'm definitely having visions of having to take grad classes somewhere next year to pad my transcript so i can do this all over again in a year.

feminist_poet: Do you wanna have lunch sometime? Or campus mail me your GRE study stuff if you're mad busy?

[Hmm, none of my icons feel right for my "I feel tiny and scared" mood, even though i have at least two that one would think would fit the bill. Think i'm gonna go with reassuring instead.]
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addendum to last night

So, it occurred to me -- after i was up and showered -- that perhaps 8am Ethics would run over into 9am Shakespeare. Yes, it's an 8-9:20am class. Oops.

So now i have an hour to kill. Guess i'll get caught up on grad school e-mails after all.