September 11th, 2004

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I woke up this morning and the church bells wouldn’t stop ringing and it took a while before i realized that it was because today is September 11th. (I looked over at my clock and it was about ten minutes of nine.)

Later in the day, my parents e-mailed me about this. We live a block down the street from that and i got hit by a car (wholly my own fault) crossing the same street when i was in middle school.

My father was saying that when this was in the news one of the things he thought was about how one reason stuff like that gets on the news is because it’s so rare, whereas auto accidents are rather common and gee we haven’t had an auto fatality in a while.

break from homework: fic, meta

A multifandom pimp: fandom_opinions

idol_reflection is ship_manifesto for individual characters.

ranalore lays out the correct terminology for fics of varying lengths.

musesfool links to copperbadge on what makes fanfic fanfic ["Well, the litmus test is: Could you change the names without it mattering? Because then what you're writing are erotic short stories, not fanfic. Which is okay. But dude, get them published and make some money off them, for god's sake."] and then, riffing off a discussion in glossing’s journal, posts her own thoughts on "length, or, the myth of long and plotty, and how short fic keeps us going." (Possibly interesting to read in conjunction: mimesere says she dislikes drabbles.)

For scrollgirl and anyone else writing SG-1, Everwood, or anything else set in Colorado, check this out. drop_the_u actually put out a call for people to post about specific states. (Sidenote: only a few of you will get this, but that’s okay.)

The Characters of Color Multifandom Ficathon reminded me of the discussion in fandom about people saying they can’t write Gunn because he’s a black guy from the hood and how problematically Othering that is because of its implications that somehow all other experiences are sufficiently universal to be appropriated, etc. etc. Last night i was talking to Emma and mentioned how i quite like Gunn but not in a way that prompts me to write him, so he gets short shrift in my fic. I was reminded of the Gunn!wank and told her about it and she mentioned "Wesley's Liberal Guilt" by Jessica Harris (a more readable copy is here) which is rather brilliant.
Sidenote 1: usomitai on "race and false assumptions in That Old Gang of Mine (Angel 3x03)."
Sidenote 2: It’s probably just in my head ‘cause it came up earlier this week, but i feel like pimping Rebecca Gilman’s play Spinning Into Butter.
Sidenote 3: I had forgotten until i reread jennyo’s post just now about the heated argument that preceded it about her talking about racism in the HPverse, specifically Draco and the term “Mudblood.” (The link is to her list of unpopular HP fannish opinions and includes lots more than just Draco and race issues.)

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