September 20th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

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Will be sane this weekend.

Gmail threading bothers me. I haven't used it enough to really be qualified to make a decision, though.

Ooh - a site where you can divest yourself of gmail invites (or procure one if you want one).

That annoying blue bar people speak of, though? I totally don't even notice it. Just like i don't notice the little ads to the right of the email messages.

Hey Allie (and anyone else who's interested): ficathon to rewrite a fairytale using Whedonverse characters :)

I want an mp3 of "Take This Waltz" by Leonard Cohen. (And i kinda want one of the Kanye West et al "Two Words" song. Totally the fault of sisabet's newest vid. And there is Celtic-y music at the end! Where is my Mighty soundtrack?)

Edited to add: how cute!

Edit #2: *looks at clock* 12:18? I saw someone dropping off Little Sib stuff and i thought "This early?" but no, it's really not that early after all.