September 21st, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

Clearly this morning merits a recap.

2:34am - finished 1984 and went to bed

8:08am - got up. went to take a shower and was informed that there was no hot water. tried it anyway, along with another student. Okay, this was not the lukewarm whatever water, this was a complete and total lack of any heat whatsoever in the water. SO COLD!

8:30 - was brushing my teeth and informed a shower-enterer that there was no not water. she tried it anyway (of course) and declared that there was in fact hot water. and lo, there was, so i got to take my shower after all.

8:50 - went to put my wallet in my pocket and saw there was no student ID card. FUCK!!! I distinctly remember swiping it to get into Scott Gym for my Self-Defense class last night and i don't think i used it after that. I was looking up books online for my UMass class and requesting 5-College copies (which necessitates my ID card) but i think that was earlier in the evening. I hit up Public Safety and the gyms this morning and no one's turned it in, which is no surprise since it was 9am and i must have lost it sometime after about 7:15pm last night. Am very not happy about this, though. It means i can't eat anywhere besides my own house 'cause i can't get in anywhere (and i'll probably have to borrow someone's card to swipe for my own house), i have to pay to use the PVTA (hello UMass class), i can't check out (or renew) 5-College library books, and i likely can't get into my ESS class 'cause it's all locked up by 7pm on a Monday night (though if i still can't find my card i will have replaced it well before next Monday). Clearly there are worse things that could happen, and it is only 15 or 20 bucks to replace it, but i'd really rather not have to replace it, especially since i'm graduating in 8 months anyway.
hermione by oatmilk

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::feels like a big idiot::

A relieved one, though.

So, i had the bright idea to go through all the stuff in my wallet and see if it had gotten stuck somewhere and lo, it had. I must have just been sloppy in sticking it back in my wallet last night.

hermione by oatmilk

"throw your hands up..."

Fucking GRE.

28 math and 30 verbal questions means even only getting a few wrong can fuck your score. I actually thought i did well on the practice exam i took on Saturday. Got my score today (i am now even more familiar with the UMass campus than i was before and have done so much walking today).

Verbal: 630 (86th percentile)
Quantitative: 520 (42nd percentile)

The GREs are scored on a 200-800 scale like the SATs and i was rather expecting comparable scores. (My SAT scores were rather much higher than these.)

It kind of scares me that my vocabulary isn't good enough for the GRE antonym section. (I recognized every word, just didn't always know it well enough to come up with a correct antonym.)

*stabs my stupid mistakes* How can one human being mark the wrong circle for so many questions in a single section? 9 out of my 11 mistakes on the quantitative section -- which does make me feel better about my score, but continue's the day's trend of feeling like a complete idiot. It's not like i didn't spend years of my life working with Scantrons after all. But hey, practice test.
hermione by oatmilk

"Barbershop playa-hated, mom and pop, bootlegged it..."

I am tired and unmotivated and have so much work (but being me i will do all the readings or whatever the assignments are, rather than just the bare minimum), but i think it is far too early in the semester to be clamoring for Mountain Day. It would be nice to be able to go to sleep right now, though.