September 22nd, 2004

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It's not that i think Catholics are stupid, i just think Catholicism is really messed up. Given that i get defensive about the bashing of everything else (regardless of whether i agree with what's being bashed or not) why do i rag on Catholicism? Maybe one of these days i'll figure that out. Or i'll just manage to stop being an offensive bitch.
hermione by oatmilk

following up on the Catholic thing

You're only allowed to rag on groups you're actually a part of. I know this.

Yes, Allie, your status as Catholic Avenger is amusing, but i totally understand defending stuff you aren't actually a part of, particularly when you think the attacker is factually wrong. I do it all the time.

"Bashing Catholicism is an attack on Catholics who feel that their religion is an important part of their identity, just as gay-bashing is an attack on individual homo/bi/polysexuals. You can't draw distinctions like that."

You're exactly right, and i need to remember that.

Reading the comments i was thinking about group identity/affiliation, and i wonder if part of my visceral reaction against Catholicism is because i interpret it as an attack on Protestantism. Although they have the same roots, they've ended up as very different things, and so there's a sense (for some people anyway) that one is the "right" way to be Christian. Of course this is ridiculous since both are very different from the original "church" of Christ and his followers, and i definitely don't think any one entity has a monopoly on The Truth. Although i believe in the existence of Truth, i think of it as being surrounded by different colored windows and we only ever see but as through a glass darkly (though i think "glass" means "mirror" in that quote, but whatever).

At Radical Catholics tonight i said something about not feeling connected to a particular faith tradition (because my faith/spirituality is very much between me, my God, and the texts i seek out on my own time -- sk8eeyore and i often talk about our different approaches to Christianity and tradition and community and how we see ourselves fitting into that) and then realized how totally wrong that was because of course i'm very connected to the Protestant tradition. If i truly weren't connected to a specific faith tradition i would be investigating all the living religions instead of just Christianity, and i absolutely know that if i do decide i really am a Christian i will very definitely be a Protestant and not a Catholic.

Okay, back to work on my presentation.

P.S. userinfoAllie you need to meet userinfoAnna.

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