September 27th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

"this whole world well don't it make you wanna think damn"

Dear Smith Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Please note that the Internet connection between UMass and the outside world is currently down. Since we connect to the external Internet through UMass, only Smith and UMass websites are accessible at this time.
Per usual, they officially notify us of that shortly before the connnection gets restored. And then all day LJ was letting me do everything except actually post (i tried web interface and Semagic). So here's what i was going to post when i went to bed last night.

Bah, Shakespeare paper. Is crappy. Is technically a draft, though, so that’s better. It more than anything else this weekend needed to get done, so i kept trying to force myself to do it instead of doing other work. This did not work out so well and in retrospect i probably should have just done all the work i actually kinda wanted to do instead of wasting so much time staring at my Shakespeare paper. It occurred to me earlier today that the fact that this is my first real paper of the semester so that probably has something to do with it -- having to get back into the swing of things.

[Collyn from my Shakespeare class -- though i know her from other classes as well -- called me at close to midnight. I love that she knew i would still be awake.]

I remembered this afternoon that i never filled out my Praxis summer activity report, so i did that. I also did other stuff including e-mails like a tech support request re: my new mouse. My parents are mailing me stuff like paychecks, and i will have taped TV waiting for me Columbus Day weekend. Healthy Heads self-injury meetings got moved to a time i can make, so that’s exciting. Liz Carr and i have a Haymarket date for when i get back from UMass on Thursday. Though i am already regretting the lack of work-getting-done-ness of this weekend (and sleeping through church this morning), life is generally good.

In my procrastination, i found a Neville & Luna fic by marginalia -- eyes as clear as centuries, post-OotP. Wow -- dark/haunting/painful good. I loved Luna in OotP, and last night, Emma and i had been talking about Neville and i mentioned how my mom loved him from the very first book. [Edit: We were looking at pictures on her computer, and this one is Neville done right -- though the icon marginalia used with the linked fic almost makes me like movie!Neville.] I almost wanna reread the 5th book because so much happens in it and having read it in essentially one sitting last winter i didn’t retain a whole lot of it.

Ruhi pointed out the amazingness of my having The Return right next to Clairvoyance on my wall.

I finally e-mailed Joe, having not been in touch with him for months and months.

"Well hello my beloved (and missed) literary friend"

*dances* I fully admit to having complexes and wanting validation.

*hearts on Willow*

"You are so intelligent and witty and honest"

That’s the second time recently someone has commented (positively) on my honesty. Take that, Magnetic Fields ;) no one will ever love you for your honesty It’s one of the things i think is so important and try really hard to do, so yay for positive reinforcement.

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Okay, so today.

Mmm... breakfast. Warm bagels with peanut butter.

Have been really awake all day, which is surprising since i got so little sleep.

I was fuming when i started work. See, last Monday i alphabetized all the stuff to be filed but didn't have time to get it all actually put it away, so when i left i paper-clipped the stuff together wiith sticky notes saying they were alphabetized and to be filed and noted which section they were to go in (we have three different filing cabinets depending on what you're filing -- it's less complication that perhaps it sounds). Wednesday was Mountain Day so i didn't go to work, and i only work Mondays and Wednesdays. I get in today and the stuff is still there. We have accordion files where you can stick files so they're at least in the right section of the alphabet. These were filled up, but i don't know if anything actually made it into the filing cabinets themselves. What do these girls do all day?

By about 3:30 i was done with everything, so i started rereading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for this week's UMass class.

On her way out, Stacey said, "Not only are you reading, but you have your feet up! Of course, I'd be doing the same thing. It's better for your back." :) Love her. (And it's not like my feet were up in a lounging kind of way, i was just resting them on the trash bin under my desk. And it is comfortable.)

Later, Suzannah came by and gave me a small project to do, noting that i looked bored. I get the feeling that she doesn't like me, but whatever.

Also, photobucket is being stupid. *growls*
hermione by oatmilk


So, i went to get some hot chocolate and the machine just gave me water even though there was chocolate mix in the machine. So i told one of the kitchen guys and so he was messing around with it while i sat down and ate dinner and then he came over and gave me a cup of hot chocolate. Usually they'll just come over and tell you it's working, though they obviously have to make some to test if it's working.
hermione by oatmilk

I really should do my piles of reading instead of making icons, yes i should.

So photobucket is all revamped. Complete with ads, which is unfortunate, but hey, free picture hosting; the ads don't really bother me that much, and i'm just glad it's working again.

And i heard back from about my mouse.
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