October 13th, 2004

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"To be" is a perfectly valid verb. It does not always lead to passive voice and wordiness. That is my Shakespeare paper rewrite gripe. Anyway, the paper is almost done and does not suck. Will get up early and finish it (basically i just need to conclude it, but i'm totally spacing and thus bed is called for) and print it out before class. Will skim the first act of I Henry IV over breakfast.

*peers into future* So many fucking papers to write. Not to mention all the catchup reading i didn't do this weekend. Plus grad school stuff, and i really would like to catch up on my friendspage, oh and have time to see friends in person. Why do i feel like i've had more time in previous semesters when i was taking more classes than i am this semester?
hermione by oatmilk

Well, that was interesting.


The campus lost power early this morning and our electricians are now checking all buildings to make sure power is restored. If your power is not restored by 9 a.m., please call Physical Plant at ext. 2400 and we will advise the electricians. Thank you.
I actually woke up at 7am (when i had set my alarm for) all on my own. Though i couldn't finish the paper due to the power outage, of course. (The power did return around 8:30.) Trying to read Henry IV was putting me to sleep (apparently my body didn't wanna be awake that early after all) but as it turned out, since we're a week behind Bill just lectured so it was okay -- except for the fact that i could barely stay awake. I worked on the paper between classes and during lunch and ultimately it doesn't suck.

Work was fine. Bill has been on vacation in South Carolina and his attempt at a Southern accent came out Australian. I was amused.

Attention area museumgoers: The Smith College Museum of Art recently started charging admission fees due to budget cuts, but Family Weekend, i.e. this upcoming weekend, admission is free. So come check out the Kyoto exhibits -- and the other good stuff. Friday and Saturday 10-4, Sunday 12-4.

I have obscene amounts of work to do, but the fact that i've barely touched my friendspage in something like 2 weeks is a wrongness that clearly needs to be remedied. (And no, Allie, i still haven't read the latest No Limits.)
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addendum (in which Elizabeth demonstrates yet again why she wants to go to grad school)

Sharon was talking about wanting to reread As You Like It for the "Elizabeth reading" and eventually having a free-for-all with me about Shakespeare. The idea of an "Elizabeth reading" made me think, Wouldn't it be cool if i could teach a college course Shakespeare the Gay Way? Or just a course on reading for subtext? Lit classes are all about authorial intent, but wouldn't it be interesting to read for the stuff that isn't necessarily intended -- and of course you could have wonderful fights about which subtexts were intentional. And we could discuss the importance of authorial intent and i could make cracks about Anne Rice ;)
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::sigh of relief::

And the girl has caught up with LJ.

Obviously not as thorough a read as if i didn't have skip=large3digit#s to catch up on, so hopefully i didn't miss anything that was important or that i would have wanted to respond to if i had seen it.
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Why is LJ Web Update on Pacific Time?

There's a radio in our bathroom that's always on now (except when the commercials/music aggravate me too much and i shut it off) and while i was brushing my teeth just now i heard a commercial (that turned out to be from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in which little Casey (original here) gets a homerun because her family spent quality time with her. I enjoyed.
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I went to bed around 11 and was coughing and couldn't sleep. Drank some water and putzed around on the computer. Am trying the bed thing again.

For amusement, the remainder of my semester, conveniently broken down for me into hellacious amounts of work separated by extended breathers.

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