October 19th, 2004

restless [moobytooby]

in which our heroine feels remarkably sane

WTF is up with the SMG Esquire photo shoot?

anniesj has a zip file of Keira Knightley photos and while i'm generally not that into Keira, the collar pictures=guh.

Item the third: Joel's response to my e-mail.
Hello Ms. Sweeny,

I'm glad the lecture engaged you. Becoming worked up about a topic is a good sign of deep interest in it. I think I may see a successful graduate student career in the humanities in your future.
omgwtfbbq!11 *dies*grins*

And my dad compared me to Eugene Volokh. This is incredibly high praise which i'm not entirely sure i deserve, but i'm hardly going to turn down -- like Joe saying he's really not way more brilliant than i am.

Also, according to an outside source i am "good people. Smart, bright, and sophistical." :-)
diablo robotico [saava]

"Redundancy is the spice of life." -Lez

"We go to Smith. All our friends are flaming friends." -Lez (in reference to house Burning Buddies being called Flaming Friends)

2 people in as many weeks have mentioned Sweeney Todd when the unusual spelling of my surname was pointed out to them. For 21 years i was spared this. I really should actually read/see one of the versions at some point, huh?

"say my name, say my name..."

I've had a fic journal since mid-January and it was only today that someone noticed (or at least pointed out to me) that i had my name as "the almost unquickable fangirl" rather than "the almost unsquickable fangirl." I am ashamed.

Am dead flattered that someone not only sent me very positive feedback on a couple of my pieces (along with a touch of con crit) but also said "I'm sorry that you haven't written any more stories since May."