October 22nd, 2004

geek!Spike [postcardjunkie]

la la la all-nighter 'cause i did squat all week

"You will be asked to write 3 reaction papers (2-3 pages double spaced). These will be worth approximately 15% of your grade. They will be graded Check, Check+, Check-." [...] "You are are required to attend this lecture and write a reaction paper reflecting on it." So this paper is essentially a pass/fail 2-3 pager worth 5% of my grade for the class.

3+ pages of notes on the lecture translated into an LJ entry that was 4 pages single-spaced in Word. Turned into coherent and relatively polite paragraphs that actually flowed (and cutting out various portions that i either couldn't be coherent enough about or that just didn't quite fit) it was a little under 3 pages single-spaced (6 pages double-spaced).

The 7-page (double-spaced) midterm for my UMass class, worth 35% of my grade... is actually about 7 double-spaced pages and doesn't suck. Go me.

Hubbard opens for breakfast at 7. I have time to shower, print out my papers, eat breakfast (wow, that milkshake fortified me well), and even read Act 1 of King Lear like i was supposed to before my 9am class.

P.S. Velvet Goldmine tonight after dinner.