October 27th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

Rock on abusing the system :)

I totally have like 50 pages of application forms and information printed out for free 'cause i'm at work.

Tempering the enthusiasm, though... much though i adore the Internet, electronic applications irk me. I will survive, though. I just have to figure out exactly what the deal is with letters of recommendation for all of them and then i can put together a nice packet for each of my recommenders.

Edit: Also irksome are webpages that when printed out cut off at the very edge so one loses the last few characters of each line.
evil hand

Stop being on my side! You're making my side look bad!

Someone called the Secret Service on anniesj. Now, i didn't see the post in question, but knowing her style from reading her LJ off-and-on for quite some time i am appalled that anyone would think she was seriously a threat and would call the Secret Service on her.

"I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Edit: People keep talking about how this incident is a sign of how evil and scary Bush&co are. Except, that really isn't what this is about. And Annie even says as much! [Not that she didn't say as much in her first post on the matter, but after everyone and his dog declared that's what it was about, she posted a clarifying entry.]
I'm not linking to what everybody and his brother has already linked to, though I will happily point out that anniesj is not claiming that her civil rights were violated. She's warning people to watch their phrasing, if they'd like to avoid the same thing that happened to her. And also giving a heads-up that one twit on LJ who thinks it's amusing to report someone they don't like to the federal government means there's probably more than one. The fact that people are freaking out to epidemic proportions in her comments is not her fault.

I'm with Pet that the issue here is not Big Brother, but Bitch-Ass Sister, i.e. the twit who was either stupid enough to believe that Annie's post constituted a serious threat, or as seems more likely, reported her to the government out of spite. Though I find it indicative of the political climate we're currently living in that said twit even thought "Hey, I know how I can get even! I'll report her to the Secret Service!"