November 5th, 2004

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Rather early to be speculating about 2008, but under duress, Glenn Reynolds posits the possibility of Hillary Clinton vs. Condi Rice. Wouldn't that be amazing? We'd be guaranteed a woman President. And we all know the world would be a good place if only women were in charage. It'd be like the 5th black Senator only there'd be an actual competition. I could be conflicted in a "Gee, they both don't suck" kind of way. (Now that would be a sign of the apocalypse.)

::hearts on Glenn::
we should make Senators ineligible for the Presidency. They seldom win anyway, so it's no loss -- and keeping Senators from thinking about running for President would probably improve the Senate immeasurably . . .

P.S. Speculation that some of those big scary evil Republicans running the country won't be part of the next 4 years?
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Apparently gay wedding ficathons are apparently the new black.

  • Buffy/Angel-verse
    [Now i'm tempted to write some couples getting married, but i am not signing up for this ficathon 'cause there are lots of pairings i'm not particularly into writing as pairings nevermind as weddings, and it's not like i don't have enough to do with my time as is.]
  • Gundam Wing
  • Lotrips
  • Harry Potter
[If anyone knows of any others, leave the link and i'll add it to the list, because this amuses me.]

wisdomeagle reminded me about the multifandom gay marriage drabble project.

"i can feel the distance getting close..."

There was talk of an Otelia Cromwell Day tea, so i was all prepared to grab food and run, since i’ve done stuff like White Privilege Tea and it’s not an experience i’m into repeating, but instead we had a facilitated discussion about the election and the Jolt incident [someone posted a “hit list” of Smithies who had voted Republican, or so i hear anyway] and it wasn’t painful.

A lot of people talked about being disillusioned or ashamed or embarrassed about the Jolt incident, perceiving Smith as a place that was supposed to be better than that, that was supposed to be tolerant of all viewpoints.

"The election has been hard and bitterly fought. Emotions are running very high. We must, as a country, talk across the divisions we have and create a space for civil and principled discussion and argument. There is no better place to model it than here."
-from Carol Christ's letter to the campus after the Jolt incident

I got to plug respectful dialogue across party lines and i wasn’t the only person saying that.

And we ended with people sharing ideas for channeling their energy into productive things.

"I care and am willing to serve"

Sidenote: Joan Baez and minstrelsy? What up? Michael Moore has said some really offensive thing, but i had already ceased to respect him. I would have thought Joan Baez would be better than that.

Glenn Reynolds posts links to various things that argue that "there is no evidence that suggests that the strategy of putting the anti-marriage initiatives on the ballot in several states did anything to improve Bush's performance in those states."

Also interesting: "exit polls show President Bush received the exact same percentage of gay votes — 23 percent — as he did four years ago." Though exit polls are of course not necessarily a quality indicator of much of anything.