November 9th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

I may die from malnutrition, but it won’t be the scurvy kind of malnutrition.

Reminder: English department curriculum committee meeting questions [Feel free to e-mail me, also.]

doyle_sb4 created fandomwishlist. I like this idea.
This is a multifandom community for people to request fic, icons or whatever else they'd like to receive as gifts. It isn't a secret santa, in that you're not assigned anyone's request and you may not get one of yours filled. It's more like an amazon wishlist: if somebody loves you or is feeling randomly generous, they can see what you'd like.

Arrived at work Monday to find boss was out Monday-Thursday, so i was afraid i'd be flooded with phone callers with questions i wouldn’t have answers for and suchlike, but it turned out to be a very slow day. I got i think 3 phone calls, of which i could handle. I did minimal filing and 2 projects for Stacey. I got some homework done and then started on e-mail and LJ. Hopefully tomorrow will be sane as well.

A remake of Willy Wonka is in the works? The dark-sexy that is Johnny Depp + Tim Burton weirds me out in the context of Willy Wonka. Yes Willy Wonka’s kind of creepy, but i went “guh” at the poster wherein you don’t even see his face. I should not be thinking Willy Wonka is

However, the film is actually being titled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the name of the book -- which is what i grew up on; i couldn’t even tell you if i’ve seen the 1971 movie all the way through) which wins it points with me. I heard somewhere that Dahl didn’t like the Gene Wilder version because it wasn’t dark enough, and i’d be interested to see the full remarks (and am also now somewhat curious to reread the book). I think Tim Burton does more of the sexy dark while i think of Dahl, particularly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, being a gritty kind of dark -- Charlie’s family is dirt poor, the other kids and their families are shitty people... it’s not a romantic vision. If Burton can pull off a version true to the spirit of the book (and i’m not making definitive claims about what that spirit is until i reread it) then i will approve. (Maybe. We know how excited i get about movies made out of books.)

Self-Defense class got cancelled at the last minute, so i got to go Skarda’s lecture after all.
Patricia Skarda, professor of English, was asked, "If you were given one last lecture in your life, what would it be?" Well, this is it: "Sticking With It: Perseverance, Competition, and Inner Poise," on Monday, November 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the Carroll Room, Campus Center.
Aww, she thinks Smith is the best (women’s) liberal arts college in the country if not the world. During her talk she said that of all the things she remembers from college, she doesn’t remember any of the conversations she had with peers. There was a silence after this, so i said, “Clearly you didn’t go to school with as high a caliber of students as Smith has.”

Saw Gillian there. Yeah hugging like you mean it. And she said so much (British) literature just makes much more sense if everyone is gay. I felt validated having that affirmed by someone whose first loyalty is to the text rather than to the queerness. “You don’t need to spend three pages describing the man’s slender body, you really don’t; especially when it has nothing to do with defeating Napoleon.”

Emma, have you ever heard of Little Britain? Gillian was telling me about it. “I’m the only gay Eskimo in the village.”

Illinois finally e-mailed me back -- not really answering my questions. *sighs*

This entry contains at least two reasons why illiterate wins.
1) She owns
2) The following exchange:
hermionesviolin: We should meet sometime. Or ya know, not, if i have cooties or something.
illiterate: Coffee on Tuesday @ 4? The Haymarket? :D
hermionesviolin: [paraphrased] Girl Has.A.Plan!? ::boggles:: ::dies:: ::resurrects:: ::falls in love:: ::melts::
As it turned out, she was punctual to the point of early -- something that college is beginning to train out of me, but which i much admire. I’m also impressed by anyone who is willing to cut fun-having short to do work. We must hang out again. Yay for people i feel so comfortable around.

*looks meaningfully at sarah_p and summertrouble -- both of whom i have yet to meet*

I was all looking forward to spending the next week and a half focused on grad school stuff but no, i have a Dead Sea Scrolls group presentation this coming Tuesday and really need to pick a final paper topic for that class and i have reading for various classes and on it goes.

Got back my UMass midterm paper (“Dystopian Women: Sex, Death, and Social Cues?”).
If you haven’t already, you should read Herland, Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Utopia. Though it’s narrated by a man, it depicts an all-female society far up the (where else?) Amazon. For my part, I should read The Snow Queen. There are other writers in this tradition who problematize the standard m/f roles -- Margaret Atwood, Joanna Russ, Samuel R Delany, Marge Piercy, Ursula LeGuin....

This is a very astute essay. I especially like your discussion of We (perhaps because it wasn’t assigned this year, hence I’m not tired of reading about it?). Your remark about the complementary nature of I-330 and O-what’shernumber is brilliant. The only quibble might be that you chose so many books to treat that I was left wanting more about each of them. But one seldom wants more when reading midterms, so that’s a good sign.