November 19th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

the promised weeklong entry (i know you care)

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Now to catch up on however many days of my friendspage.

Oh, and no i haven't read the latest ats_nolimits yet.

sarah_p is doing btvs_santa again this year, and raebird did a Firefly spin-off: serenity_santa. I really shouldn't do these, but... you do get to specify the stuff you're willing to do, so that makes it a lot less scary. I also like the no-pressure fandomwishlist [ *whores self out* ] and may get sucked into doing Secret Slasha again. (Yes i am insane. Anyone who was around last semester when i was taking 5 classes and a dozen or so ficathons knows that.)

Also, phineasjones was seeking "fic that takes place in winter/is wintery" and i imagine she would still appreciate recs.