November 21st, 2004

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more Firefly

I really must watch the first disk sometime because i haven't seen those episodes (Serenity, The Train Job, Bushwhacked) since they first aired.

Out of Gas - I was going to opt out because i find it the most draining of all the episodes, but the flashbacks....
Ariel - I think of this as the most plot-driven of all the eps, so i was gonna opt out since i know how the plot turns out (and some of it kinda pains me) but there are such great moments.
War Stories - I'm always torn about rewatching this 'cause there's both hotness and torture.
Trash - Possibly the one i'm least likely to rewatch, but after the Inara/Saffron conversation i had to.

So yeah, i decided to join Emma and Kathy for the entire disc, which started around 8, with my foolish plan being to exit after the viewing and get more work done, and after the viewing there was suggestion of watching the last disc and then we got talking and then it was 3:15. Yeah.

Interesting how our memories compare to reality.
The draining aspects of "Out of Gas" take up a really relatively small amount of airtime (though i definitely cried at various moments at the beginning) and it's such a good episode.
And "Ariel" has such great moments.
And "War Stories" has so much great banter etc. filling so much of the episode; i had forgotten what a good episode it is.
And "Trash" is still possibly my least-likely-to-rewatch episode, but watching it wasn't bad. "Our Mrs. Reynolds" one could at least argue there is tension between Inara and Saffron that could lead to sex, but "Tash" there isn't even that -- Inara is very dismissive of Saffron, treats her as not even worth her energy. ("You're beneath me.") I would say "Trash" makes Inara/Saffron even less likely than it is after OMR. Feel free to argue the point, though, Allie.

[P.S. Hey, look; i finally decided on a Firefly icon.]
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because i just looked it up for someone...

In case you were wondering, the Valkyries are supernatural beings in Norse mythology, "Choosers of the Slain." Female warrior servants of Odin king of the gods, they direct the course of battles and choose the most valiant warriors to go to Valhalla (the "Hall of the Slain" -- home of dead heroes). They escort the dead heroes to Valhalla and also serve food and drink there. They also act as messengers for Odin, and the flickering of their armor supposedly causes the "Aurora Borealis" (Northern Lights).

[Poking around i'm getting all interested in Norse mythology, especially because i recognize a lot of the stuff from Neil Gaiman's American Gods, etc. Not fair; i have quite enough stuff to be interested in already.]