November 22nd, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

I am not photogenic.

Yeah, i have a bad habit of tilting my head when i'm photographed (no idea why) but whatever. It's just college yearbook. I would like nicer pics of my cute haircut, for personal posterity, but that can happen over break. For now, this is the photo i sent to the yearbook, edited roughly for LJ.

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hermione by oatmilk

"And it makes you wonder, Why bother to conceive of anything greater..."

So, i slept for about a bajillion hours this morning and into the afternoon. Dark skies tend not to affect my mood, but i suspect they had something to do with my not getting out of bed today. It wasn't until i read phineasjones' post that i realized that church would have been the Thanksgiving service and that probably would have been lovely. Sigh.

In the name of faith and religion
How much trouble must we witness?
All the wars
Hate and sickness
Can't somebody's god fix this?
Can't anybody's god fix this?


Maybe God let Jesus die
'Cause we wouldn't get it any otherwise
In canyons and in purple skies
That's how you get the big reprise
Not like He's some guy
Sitting up there thinking this is why
But maybe everything lets everything die
To make us all the more alive
To love one another
And be really present
Right here, right now

My 5-8 page Shakespeare paper was 6½ pages and the professor wanted me to elaborate on a few things and also talk about some scenes i hadn't touched on (though some of what he said i should cover i thought i already had) so it is now 9½ pages (in part because the prof is so big on quotations, of course). Um yeah. There's a reason i didn't talk about every single scene that features Jaques in my first draft but hey, if that's what the professor wants. Though i really should go back and make sure everything still flows, as i suspect it doesn't. It was occurring to me earlier today that my lack of Bible class this Monday gives me a substantial chunk of additional time i don't usually have, but i should really use that for stuff other than last minute papering. However, having some distance from the paper, not to mention some sleep, before proofing it is a good idea, especially since i got sucked into the hall with Poornima for like an hour, making my bedtime far later than anticipated.

E-mail from said Shakespeare prof requesting that we include an acknowledgements page with our essay: "This is a page--like that one sees toward the end of the preface in academic books--in which you acknowledge the help of anyone who has given you help with the essay. It's the standard thing to do as an academic to acknowledge your debts. [...] A roommate who proofread your work. etc. If you've read any criticism, it should be mentioned there. If you want to acknowledge your cat or your coffee machine, that's fine with me."

I like that the Sunday before Thanksgiving beak, as we are all nearing the breaking point, dining services gives us comfort food for dinner -- mac&cheese and hot dogs. [And there were vegan versions of the latter, so i got protein.]
angry - books

Yup, the U.S. is always evil and greedy. Always. /sarcasm

PARIS, Nov. 21 - The world's leading industrial nations agreed Sunday to cancel 80 percent of the nearly $39 billion debt owed them by Iraq, a critical step in rebuilding the country's devastated economy and an important precedent for its other creditors to follow.

The agreement, after a year of intense lobbying by the United States, puts pressure on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq's other Middle Eastern neighbors to forgive obligations owed them, including billions in reparations Iraq owes from the Persian Gulf war in 1991.


The Group of 7 nations that are the core of the Paris Club - the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan - had vowed earlier this year to complete a debt relief package before the end of the year and before Iraq's planned elections.


Iraq's foreign debt totals $120.2 billion, a legacy of Mr. Hussein's ruinous wars and his last decade in power, when United Nations sanctions severely restricted the country's oil revenue. Nearly $39 billion of that debt - $42 billion including penalties and late interest - is owed to members of the Paris Club, a group formed in 1956 to help ease the financial obligations of heavily indebted countries.

Iraq stopped making payments on its debt after its invasion of Kuwait.

The United States had lobbied hard for the Paris Club countries to forgive as much as 95 percent of those obligations so that Iraq can get on with building a future instead of bailing out its past. Last year, Mr. Bush appointed former Secretary of State James A. Baker III as a special envoy to press Iraq's creditors to write off money owed them.

-from "Major Creditors in Accord to Waive 80% of Iraq Debt" by Craig S. Smith
hermione by oatmilk

"I'll be your bounty, Jubal Early."

UCSD gave me the address to have my transcript sent to, so provided i didn't fail to notice some place asking for 2 copies and only requested 1, i should be all done with that portion of the application process.

Though then i printed out fellowship/financial aid forms for Davis and Illinois -- oh the neverending paperwork. And to think, around this time last year i was psyched about never having to fill out the FAFSA or anything like it again.

(In other news, the world is not only small but tiny.)

Ann was standing by my desk explaining something to me when Stacey left for the day, so she took it upon herself to make a point of stating in front of my boss what wonderful work i do, because she is good like that. She said she had been telling David about my photocopying and he asked if Advancement had a problem with her delegating the work and she said i do such a good job they don't even know she isn't the one doing it -- high praise indeed (though of course it's largely because i ask her stuff when i'm unsure or want to confirm, though my instinct is usually right -- shades of MML much? ;) ).

I actually did a fair amount of SCMA work while i was at work this afternoon -- largely photocopying and stuffing envelopes; joy -- but i got some of my own work done as well, including finally actually starting to write a Statement of Purpose.

I should, of course, continue working on said SOP, but instead i wanna have sex with the Firefly crew read good porn or write bitchy manifestos. Le sigh.

i know i can't be the only
whatever i am in the room
so why am i so lonely?
why am i so tired?
i need backup
i need company
i need to be inspired
anime night


My mother just informed me that a family friend passed away. Makes me feel bitterly ironic for having posted "The Big Reprise" lyrics, and of course there was that initial shock of "Gee, well that puts my academic etc. whining in perspective." He's been sick for a long time and wasn't young, so it wasn't a great shock, but still... he was a good man, and his wife is a lovely person. My mother thinks the service will be Friday. Surely it will be while i'm home, i hope, because i would like to go.

Funny, i was thinking about how one of the things i was really looking forward to about going home for the Break was hugging my mom a lot because i really like physical affection and never get enough while i'm at school.
"No one else is allowed to die this week,
keep it in mind."
-my mother
I find myself thinking about samfeasor's rant about the commercialization of Christmas (which had made me think of Susan's Consumalata article, suggesting the creation of a new holiday just for buying&receiving presents so that the religious holdays can go back to being concerned solely with the spiritual; i can't find it [edit: my mother informs me it was never published], though i found her "Will Your Hanukkah Survive the Christmas Frenzy?", ironically on a page with Christmas ads that play music at you) and the discussion about the importance of light and feasting and family [in the sense of those who care about and for you] and warmth in the midst of the dark and the cold... and i don't have anything profound to say about that but there's my thought.