November 30th, 2004

not for the meek

"You can sleep when you're dead."

Today (Tuesday, November 30):

"What Can You Do With an English Major?" besides take her out for dinner
Alums and CDO staff tak.
4:30pm, Seelye 207 (the faculty lounge)
Refreshments provided.

Sign-ups end for btvs_santa, serenity_santa, and Secret Slasha

I finished all my stuff for Illinois and Davis due Wednesday and just have to print it out (will do before Dead Sea Scrolls class) and mail it (will do after UMass class). Well, all the stuff that has to be printed out and mailed is finished. The longer statement for Davis is part of the online application, so i'm going to finish that after some sleep. Yeah, i've spent an obscene amount of time doing LiveJournal procrastination and didn't even manage to accomplish everything i had set out to. I am le suck. ::shrugs and goes to bed::
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prophecy girl

"They say slowly brings the least shock..."

Today: Accomplished erranding, including making a Light Studio reservation so i can have real senior/yearbook pictures and reserving my ticket for the dark, gay, and otherwise interesting-sounding Hampshire production of Midsummer.

"What Can You Do With an English Major?" besides take her out for dinner
Yeah piling up a napkin with goodies and discreetly making an exit before the program begins.
(P.S. What is up with this program having better goodies than the Presentation of the English Major?)

Writing SOPs i feel like i'm not going to get in to any of my programs and even if i do i will hate them (except for UPenn which i'm still deliriously in love with). I am so weary right now that it's hard to get any sort of handle on "what i want to do."

*tries anyhow*

I want a tiny apartment of my own.
I want a computer that works consistently and has lots of memory and processing speed. Given that i won't likely have a permanent permanent abode for rather a while, a laptop is probably the best idea, though i will likely purchase a wireless mouse as well.
I want to sit around all day dorking out about the stuff that interests me. Company in the dorking out optional. However, i am tired of jumping through other people's hoops. I want to do this on my own terms. This means not doing it in a class unless i am the professor. I am, however, willing to continue jumping through hoops when there is an end in sight. (And yes of course i know there will always be hoops of sorts.)