December 2nd, 2004


"Jonas and Ezekiel, hear me now..."

Mmm... lunch. Two boca burgers and potato puffs and pink lemonade. And it turned out that after 2 days of cold grainy "hot chocolate" the machine was giving us real hot chocolate again. I was stuffed and already had a beverage but was still happy. I was in fact so stuffed that i passed on dessert -- assorted ice creams plus more alcoholic orange gelato. Dinner was also not bad. Pizza w/o tomato sauce and much hot chocolate.

No homework at SCMA today. Marketing is sending out another batch of membership renewals. A huge batch. The renewal slips are three to a page (perforated) and this stack of paper was taller than a ream of copy paper -- though granted it's heavier paper than copy paper. So i perforated and stacked them (gotta keep them in zip code order for the mailing) and that took about an hour and a quarter and then i stuffed them into window envelopes (retaining the zip code order) and that took approximately the same amount of time and then i did Stacey's copying and then i did the filing and then i did some copying for my actual boss and then it was quarter of Time to Go Home. Yeah. And Ann (aka Real Boss) said she was really glad that i'm gonna be here over j-term and willing to work.

Shakespeare papers still haven't been returned to us, but we did get a partial list of final paper topics. Yeah analysis of the role of Character X. Yeah Aufidius. (Caius Martius/Tullus Aufidius makes me all asquee -- omgtheirloveissowarlike.) Am so not into writing the Dead Sea Scrolls paper, though. Picked a relatively easy/straightforward topic for my UMass paper, which is good, though i'm debating asking for an extension because it's due the day after my DSS paper; i can totally write it in a few days, i'm just not sure i can squeeze it in while still writing a DSS paper that will get me a passing grade.

At RCFOS tonight, one of the things talked about was finding communities of faith that also share your politics, and e.koke talked about it being uncomfortable to be at Mass knowing that the people around you wouldn't like your politics if they knew them, and SNewby said that you won't know if you don't give people a chance and that if you have high expectations for people they often surprise you by living up to them. This got me thinking. So often i keep my mouth shut when people are saying things i find problematic/troubling because i think calling them on it will lead to badness. What if i had faith/hope that we could have respectful dialogue? Would i just be setting myself up to be shattered, or would i be pleasantly surprised? I should try it, huh? (I mean, i do try sometimes, but much less than i used to, and very rarely with people i don't know well, both because of my general weariness and because of jaded skittishness born of past experience. Which is not to say that i haven't had good experiences in the past which have reaffirmed my faith in humanity, because i have. /qualifiers )

Went down to house study break and consumed far too many carbs. Watched many rounds of a playing card version of MASH. Much fun.

I adore that my parents are getting the complete Buffy on DVD for my graduation, but i wish i had some of it now so that Emma could finish S3 (and start on the next season and a half) and so i could inflict S6 on Cat. I know, my life is so tragic, right?

New ats_nolimits tonight. I am now officially two episodes behind.

Got all my holiday ficathon assignments, and they're quite doable. Yayness.

Lessee, how much time tonight should i waste on LJ? Hmm. Though it's not exactly "wasting" since what i have left to catch up on is entries of substance. Except, of course, when i check out things like doyle_sb4's call for pretty pictures. *is dead of lust* Oh and then Cat came by and we talked about Buffy and she wants to watch the whole series. And so now i am back at my computer, deciding that i will do no schoolwork tonight. I have a good amount of time Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so in theory i should be able to make myself work on the DSS paper and yeah, life will be breatheable.

In more somber news, my mother writes: "Ken McLean's sister died just after his funeral. Not a good year for them (his brother Bob died this summer)"
From the obit: "Alma has entered Heaven ahead of her loving husband Milton and her four Sons and their families: [...] She has gone to be with her Mother, Father and four of her brothers: Phillip, Gene, Robert, and Kenneth. "
dead (sexy)

"I don't know. I have so - so many strong - reservations."

UMass lecture was nearly pointless, in part because i kept dozing off. Tomorrow after discussion i'm asking for an extension on my final paper and also inquiring as to what the nature of next week's lectures will be as i'm seriously considering skipping (with the theory being that i'll work on my papers).

Checked my mail. I had ordered the "original off-Broadway cast" Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack. What i received was the movie soundtrack. Sigh. Have filed complaint.

Got lovely Pooh &co. holiday card from dailestar. ::loves::
As you may have heard, the College is getting ready to install a new campus-wide telephone and voicemail system. [...]

We will also be changing the way students are billed for telephone services. Starting in January, students willl no longer pay a monthly charge for telephone service. Instead, telephone service, including voicemail and local calling, will be included in the room and board fee beginning in Fall 2005. No increased cost for this service will be included in the spring bill.

Because of declinging usage, the long distance billing program is being discontinued as of December 27, 2004. Students will still be able to use pre-paid cards and calling carrds to place long distance and international calls.
::hates on Smith College (in a relatively mild manner, but still) :: Yes, usage is declining as many people get cell phones, but not all of us have cell phones. *stabs* 'S not like i call home much anyway, though, so it's nearly a non-issue. I would be more pissed if it were happening earlier than my last semester here.

[I would also like to know why Groupwise is holding some of my e-mail hostage.]

I went to the Kennedy lecture. It was okay. I got the impression that it was additionally a memorial lecture. Craig Felton talked a lot about friendship in his introduction and concluded with "Blessed be the ties that bind" and i thought that was so dreadful given the subject of the talk.

So, um, i haven't done any work today (despite my good intentions) but i played with teh pretty. I now have lots of hot new icons and omgliekwhoa i hit my 50 (even deleted some pre-existing ones to make room). Never thought that would happen. I'd been wanting new icons and feeling like the pre-existing ones weren't adequate (not that i don't have much love for many of them, was just feeling like i needed more) so now i feel much better. I also posted much pretty to iconsensual. Mostly Asia Argento.

I haven't really checked my friendspage yet today, though. I should really do homework instead of that right now, huh?