December 8th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

"So is it still her room when it's empty? Does the room, the thing, have purpose?"

E-mail from Martha of Membership and Marketing:
In staff meeting, I meant to give credit to Ann Johnson and her team of students. They have been invaluable in helping the membership mailings go out promptly and on-schedule. Thank you!
There's a light over at the Frankenstein place at the end of the tunnel. It may of course be an oncoming train, but i actually rather suspect not.

and at the end of this tunnel of guilt and shame, there must be a light of some kind, there must be a light of some kind

11 days and i'm gone. Returning January 2.
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And i have only made one icon (since the last batch) Collapse )

Discovered ff_shiprecs. Have restrained self so far. Holiday ficathons are haunting my brain, but in that good way wherein i draft fics while walking to class or whatever.

Stacey, to me, at work today: "I worry, that with all our bantering, you don't understand, how much I appreciate your work." As she was talking I was terrified that the sentence was instead going to end along the lines of, "You cross the line into inappropriate and undermine my status" or something.

Lunch = yum: french fries, snickerdoodles, hot chocolate, open-face garden sandwich (spinach, i don't know what kind of cheese but i liked it, and mushroom)

dresden_dolls Damn, does Flowers in the Attic need to go on my Winter Break reading list as well? Currently i have: gay Shakespeare, Emma's Victorian Sexualities books, The Narnia Chronicles (possibly some of Lewis' nonfiction as well), Dracula (and Mina) and Phantom of the Opera if i have time, plus an assortment of video watching, with ST:TNG 7.04-end at the top of the list (followed by Asia Argento because i'm a whore like that). I'm also considering watching all of Firefly from the beginning while i'm home since i need to rewatch a couple eps for the holiday fic and it's such a good show and my understanding is that my parents haven't really seen much of it. [Speaking of holiday fic: I know what i'm doing -- at least in terms of basic premise -- for 2/3 -- and as it ends up they're all gonna be holiday in content, which is unusual for me -- but i'm still trying to figure out the third one, and the recipient isn't helping. Grr. Yes, vague i know, but i refuse to turn my "I don't f-lock anything" statement into a lie just so i can talk about holiday ficathons. And really, i'll be fine once i figure out what i'm doing, and if the recipient doesn't state preferences, well that just leaves me freer to do whatever i want.]

Random factoid: Syphilis is curable (with penicillin). Leprosy is not.
The writer in his own way is asserting [...] disinterested piety and moral integrity are facts no less real, though less common, than the fact of suffering, and equally call for explanation.


"He may slay me, . . . [but] I will defend my conduct to his face" (13:15, AB). The friends see this only as proud defiance. That God should pervert justice is impossible, because God is God (8:3). They are denying what Job is sure lies at the heart of all morality and all true religion—the value in God's eyes of a man's pure love of truth.

-from "Wisdom in Revolt: Job" in The Way of Wisdom in the Old Testament by R. B. Y. Scott (New York: Macmillan, 1971), pp. 136-164. (153, 157)