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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, December 12th, 2004

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This the short version. (Hopefully i will soon have time to write the long version.)
There has been way too much sleep involved in my life these past few days.
Hampshire’s Midsummer was SEX.
There are so many people i will be sad to leave when i graduate this spring.
I finished my Buffy paper. [UPenn asks for “A critical writing sample, 20 pages in length,” and i am pretending praying that this essay fits the bill.] I didn’t manage to fit in everything i had originally hoped to, though it is a full 19 pages. I know i very much need to go back and edit for flow and general suckage. Offers to edit greatly appreciated. Also: Should i include all the quoted episodes in my Bibliography?
Now i have to write my UMass paper. That is a project for after some sleep, though.
Dear Self: You want to go to church. Make sure you get up in the morning.
I miss LiveJournal. (That is to say, i miss having time to read and/or update it.)

Norwood: December 20 - January 1
Smith: January 2 - May 15 (excluding Spring Break: March 12-20)
Taking a break from paperwriting to catch up on LJ some...
This is my rant:

I refuse to congratulate anyone on losing weight. I will congratulate you on a pretty outfit, a pretty haircut, a confident poise, a happy demeanor, an academic or professional accomplishment. I will not congratulate you on being thinner.
If you are eating a more balanced nutritious diet, if you are exercising more regularly, i applaud that. But if you have been starving yourself through volition or illness, i do not want to applaud that.
I do not think the government should interfere in your right to harm yourself (one of the things that makes me a Bad Liberal) but damned if i as a person am going to encourage you to harm yourself.


Current Mood: angry and frustrated and sad
"we get a little further from perfection..."
I am sniffly and seriously regretting procrastinating my UMass paper so much this afternoon. Grr.

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