December 13th, 2004

acquire rational thought [individum]

"And I've been doing just fine, gotta gotta be down, because I want it all...."

Wait, Holden Caulfield was mentally ill? That was his problem? And here i'd been thinking he was just a dreadful hypocritical and self-centered adolescent male. I don't actually think that blind hypocrisy is necessarily a sign of mental illness; it's just a loathsome flaw in many human beings.

P.S. I could work as a "Writer Assistant" [sic] at WWE. Only not.

The amount of time i spent not working on my UMass paper is ridiculous, though once i was sniffly the idea of lying down in a bed was less than attractive. Anyhow, the UMass paper is the required length and does not suck. And i even went back over it and edited it before e-mailing it to my professor.

Remaining on the plate for today: 2 classes, a work shift, writing the SOP for my top choice grad program, and some miscellany.
big girl world

"let's show 'em all how it's done..."

So, i didn't ever actually go to bed last night. This meant, among other things, that i had time for a long leisurely hot shower. Mmm, love of my life. I was also early to Shakespeare class, though damned if i was awake for 5 minutes of the actual 50 minute class, though this was in large part because it was pretty much straight-out lecture so as to finish Tempest. I got my draft back, though, and he said affirming things though he also told me how i really need to step it up a notch for it to be a real quality paper. I definitely fell asleep in Bible class as well (yet more time on Job, then Ecclesiastes... not Joel's best work) though i was awake for the last half hour or so.

For some reason i thought it was going to be much colder than it was so, so i was way overdressed, but i did get a lot of compliments on my turquoise sweater (which i'm fairly certain was a dollar-a-pound Garment District purchase, to boot). SCMA consisted entirely of Tryon stuff for Real Boss and photocopying for Stacey. I'm learning Mail Merge and Stacey's copy jobs keep getting more complicated (and apparently fixing staplers also comes under my purview) but i'm really going to miss the people when i'm gone. (The work, not so much.) I was working nonstop, not even finishing everything i was "supposed" to get done for SCMA, nevermind the UPenn stuff i had hoped to work on. But as i said, i'm learning Mail Merge; and there was also quality banter with Stacey.

This was the best bit:
Me: "I can't win, can i?"
Stacey: "Never."
Me: "Not at anything?"
Stacey: "Wait, what? I thought you said you couldn't leave."
Me: "No, i said, 'I can't win.' Of course i can leave. What are you gonna do -- chain me to the desk?"
I forget what she said in response, but i remember saying that i couldn't go any further with that joke in a public space. Good times.