December 15th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

"the hopes and fears of all the years, are met in Thee tonight..."

Every now and again people write me kind letters letting me know just how much they'd like my job. On a day like today, I'd happily take their job. Even if it involves heavy lifting, standing around in the cold, or telling people they can't park there. Honest.
-Neil Gaiman
My UPenn app is ready to be mailed out in the morning. I am convinced that it is horrible and i won't get in anywhere. I am not particularly stressed out about this, however. (I have 3 more apps to finish over the Break, but UPenn is the place i really wanna be.)
Anyone who wants to read 10 pages about sacrifice, chosen-ness, and covenant (circumcision mostly) in the Old Testament with focus on the aqedah and some discussion of Jesus followed by 9 pages about BtVS with spoilers through the finale and some mention of Angel can feel free to request a copy of "Sacrifice and Chosen-ness from the Israelites to Sunnydale: The Aqedah, Jesus, and Buffy Summers." [My reread of the paper has convinced me it is horrible, but i'm still a big whore.]

Now all that remains is rewriting my Shakespeare paper and studying for (and taking, obviously) my Bible exam. Damn. And Secret Slasha is due on Sunday, so i have to finish that, too.

Today [Tuesday] was the last day of classes. In DSS (my one class) the prof mentioned how we've been talking a lot about the pesher [ "Interpreted, this means..."] technique a lot this semester and pointed us to the opening of 1 John 2:18:
     Children, it is the last hour!

I pointed out the rest of the verse, and declared it to be about the final exams/papers we have in many classes.
     As you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. From this we know it is the last hour.

Christine then picked up on verse 19, calling it a reference to the MHC students in our class (of whom she is one).
     They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. But by going out they made it plain that none of them belongs to us.

And lastly, Biz picked up on verse 20:
     But you have been annointed by the Holy One; and all of you have knowledge.

In other news...
I have weird dreams when i get enough sleep. [When i'm not getting enough sleep, i wake up with no recollection of my dreams.] Collapse )

Weird to think that i will be at Smith from January 2 - May 15 (excluding the week of Spring Break: March 12-20) and then gone forever. Kate and Emma have all these movies that apparently i not only need to see but i need to see with them. And of all the ones that came up in Friday night's discussion thereon, Blade Runner is the one Emma says i don't get veto power on. If it's really that important to her, i'll watch it 'cause you tie me to a couch and all you plan to do is watch a movie, where's the fun in that? but really, of all the movies....

Emma finished watching Firefly tonight, in the company of me and Kathy of course. I hate Tracey, but i cried at the beginning of "The Message." Also: Inara in that opening scene = omgsohot. Tonight's instances of SFF cross-polination: Womack=Jim from Sentinel and Nandi in "Heart of Gold" is from a Xena arc.

We stopped by Midnight Madness, which wasn't great, but it was a beautiful night. Clear sky for once, and winter brisk but not capslock cold (though i'm me and not entirely allowed to make temperature pronouncements).

And i'm never gonna finish writing and posting a detailed weekend update, but that's okay. Lessee.... anything i haven't mentioned? Oh, for the Advent Sunday of Joy, the First Churches service on Sunday was very disappointing. There was an interpretive dance, though. And that night i made myself a joy list, so that made me feel better. And Emily wrote a beautiful post about lights in the darkness and Advent and Hannukah. Oh, and i went to the end-of-semester Spanish 230 performances Tuesday afternoon, which were neat, though i was once again reminded how poor my Spanish is.

fic: Giles meets Randall and Ethan for the first time
vid: "Mr. Bright Side" by The Killers (Angel-centric)

Gile ficathon if anyone who hasn't already heard is interested.
Request for "good, long, online comics" (details in post).

I'm not that evil, but yeah.
[And hey, want really depressing? Neil Gaiman's "Nicholas Was..." from Smoke and Mirrors.]

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you think you know...

And in honor of the semester/year being almost over, the meme that's going around:

Do you have any unspoken grievances against me? Even trivial ones? Anything you wanted to confess? Are there any New Year's resolutions you think I should adopt? Anything at all you wanted to tell me but haven't for whatever reason? If so, comment here and let it be known. If my journal is not friends-only, you may post anonymously.

Then take this and repost it in your own journal, making sure all comments are screened.
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