December 17th, 2004

Giles on a horse, need i say more? [muzakgurrl]

"She leaves her fingerprints everywhere..."

Mr. Peterson isn’t retiring until June 2007, according to my daddy. Yayness. The man is an institution - teaching at my high school since 1960 - and his retirement would traumatize me.

Chatted with doyle_sb4, who is subtle like a subtle thing. And a dealer of the bad crack. Yes. To quote a wise woman: *throws things. But light things.* And i may have actually come up with an idea for my btvs_santa fic, which means that i’m quite possibly throwing chocolate or something else of value. (And yes you’re right that they were pretty words indeed.)
Over the centuries, numerous ships carrying treasure have suffered mishaps and sunk to the bottom of the world's oceans. Most have remained there undisturbed, their gold and jewels seemingly lost forever. In the last decade, though, teams of treasure hunters have developed high-tech recovery equipment that allows them to locate and extract the sunken riches. I believe that there will be a comparable development in your life in the coming months, Cancerian. You'll find ways to access valuables from the past--stuff you had always assumed was irretrievable. Your first project will become apparent soon. Here are a few symbolic holiday gifts you might consider buying yourself: sonar, a diving suit, a treasure chest.
-Free Will Astrology
I helped my brother with college apps and helped Elaine with her paper. Wait, wasn’t i supposed to be working on my Shakespeare paper? Um, oops? I finished my Secret Slasha fic, though. And i’m actually rather proud of it, short though it is.

I downloaded Firefox since it’s getting all this hype, and i finally got the Import Wizard to work, so i’m trying out the browser, and i was irked that “Getting Started” and “Latest Headlines” take up an entire line on the toolbar and i was gonna try to figure out how to get rid of them but then i realized that when you click on “Latest Headlines” you get a drop-down list of the Latest Headlines, which i think is really snazzy; and i’m really getting into the tab thing. It has that Windows icon, though, so when i look at the grey toolbar at the bottom of my monitor i keep thinking i have an Error. I also enjoy that the dropdown in the Address Bar gives the title after the URL. Ooh, and the Find function is super nifty. ::hearts::

So, um, yeah, i got a little bit of work done on my Shakespeare paper and am tired now, so my cunning plan is to go to bed, get up at a reasonable hour, and get actual work done (remembering to study for Bible as well). One day of solid work (Saturday = afternoon exam, and packing). I should be able to do this. Yes. "There's no use arguing with me. Do you see my resolve face? You've seen it before. You know what it means."