January 3rd, 2005

dance of joy [kibarika]

They fixed my phone!

::does dance of glee:: And when they guy called the office to check he had succeeded in fixing it he said "Can ya hear me now?" which made me giggle.

Gorgeous day out today. And more Lamonsters/Smithies are back. And i did errands. And i have pulled myself away from the crack_van memories to read Secret Slasha 2004 and some of them are actually really good.

Yes, life is good.
tell me a story [lizzieb]

Nothing like glutting oneself on fanfic to make grad apps look appealling.

It's actually good fic for the most part, i'm just kind of overloading. Not that that means i've stopped yet. I'm sending feedback, too, though, and doing little write-ups for some of them for when i have a website with a recs page.

And i had already gotten positive feedback from my btvs_santa and serenity_santa recipients, and i've been stalking my Secret Slasha recipient [who has been away on holiday] and lo, she liked the fic. *breathes sigh of relief*


Edit: And in a reply to one of my feedback e-mails, someone praised my own Secret Slasha fic. ::dances:: My first actual feedback on that fic. [I'm not counting the recipient speaking positively about it on her LJ.]