January 6th, 2005

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Oh, snow day.

I had been unable to drag myself out of bed before about 11am all week, so i was worried about the prospect of having to be at work at 10am today. However, despite a typically late bedtime, i awoke around 7am to the snowplow under my window and actually didn't mind getting up. I had breakfast for the first time since i'd been home and went to work on SOPs -- interspersed with LJ and e-mail, of course. I'd finished Iowa (home of the confusing paperwork from hell) the night before and actually got a lot done on UCSD (which has the lengthiest topical outline for an SOP ever) before leaving for work shortly before 10am -- though i had to do some rewriting when i realized i was still looking at the website for Iowa.

We've got a good few inches of snow and the snow is coming down heavier now -- clumpy -- but the plows remain well on top of things. As i stood outside the museum (galleries closed for jterm) ringing the buzzer to be let in, a passing student and that guy who's always outside Neilson smoking informed me that the entire college (adminstrative offices) is closed. Nice of my boss to e-mail and inform me. I turned around to go home and bumped into a housemate who was going to work at College Hall -- also closed and with no e-mail to her. I understand closing since the snow is getting heavier and not everyone lives 2 minutes from campus and the forecast seems to be that it's going to turn into "wintry mix" which is right nasty to travel in, but it would have been nice for someone to inform the student workers. Or the college could have even sent out a mass e-mail so that anyone taking j-term classes, working, or just wanting to go to the library, would know before they trekked outside. We all got yesterday's Snow Emergency e-mail after all. (Yes, the INFO line does tell you everything's closed.)

So it looks like i'll get grad apps finished today, though stuff won't get printed until work tomorrow (i printed a page at Washburn last night and there was a streak down the middle).

Ooh, just found out that the Kyoto Seminar kids' flight got delayed, first until 2:30pm (from something like 7:30am) and then to tomorrow. Yuck. Doesn't beat wisdomeagle, but still yuck.

P.S. Poll on phineasjones' Write The Sex Fanfic Challenge.
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I just looked out the window and there were two people literally skiiing on the sidewalk outside my window.

(Honestly, the sidewalks -- at least on Smith property -- are well-plowed. There was not much snow under those people's skis.)

SOPs = done, biotch.

antheia, i did it.

In less fantastic news, i walked across the street to lunch in a rain of tiny hail, and despite a good track record since we've gotten back -- grilled cheese twice in three days! -- lunch was le suck.

Randomosity: bakery theme on my flist.

Lightning flash
You get resurrected
Make a splash

Watch me channel Buffy. (Though of course the order's off.)

Oh, and in case you don't have news friended and missed my edit, it's official.