January 11th, 2005

restless [moobytooby]

"how do you measure, a year in the life...?"

Was hella growly after On the Waterfront. Reading 9 Lives made me feel better enough to go to bed. (I understand now why certain of my friends read fic before going to bed. Though hi, sleep is of the good. Definitely hadn't realized it was 12 parts long when i started. Worth reading to the end, though. And damn i get weepy over the darndest things.)

Had morning shift at SCMA. Finished the filing. Gee, guess there's gonna be much book-reading on my part for the next week and a half. And to think i had been anxious about this. (Distributing the mail still makes me a little anxious, since i don't entirely know what i'm doing, but thankfully Nia -- who did it a lot last semester -- has most of the morning shifts.) I talked to Allie briefly, and i had commented previously about my almost complete lack of fear when it comes to stuff like wandering a (strange) city after dark, so when i said i had been anxious about work she said: "I find it hard to predict what you get anxious about sometimes, hon. filing, yes. strange dark city streets, no. :p"

In preparation for the impending snowstorm (third one in less than a week) there is molasses on the ground. I am less than thrilled, but more snow happifies me. The other day, Bill was on the phone to someone in Palm Beach and of course Bill was all jealous and i said how i love the cold/snow and he gave me a look and i said yeah i know i'm a freak, but at least i'm a happy freak. He insisted that he, too, is a happy freak. I was amused.

crack_van Firefly recs seriously lack girlslash.

I have an Emma! Okay, so she's not coming back until Sunday, but now i know when she's coming back, plus it's lovely to hear from her, period.
taken out of context

"three oranges and a pear"

Oh, J-term. Or not. Video equipment's not working, so it's cancelled. Because apparently they forgot there's an auditorium with projector up one floor. Just so long as we get mt's movie on Friday ;)

Have been hankering for new icons. Discovered book_icons. Fell in love. I really should reread the Griffin&Sabine trilogy some time. Oh, and the second trilogy's done, so i could read the whole thing, which would be lovely.

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prophecy girl

just passing the crack pipe

The Everyday Superheroes Fanfic Challenge

Here's how it goes: Pick a fandom. Any fandom, though the more "ordinary" the better. Toss in a few X-Men-style mutations -- telekinesis, pyrokinesis, metamorphic abilities, whatever floats your boat. Give them to your favourite non-superhero characters, either as a spontaneous manifestation or (if you want to make things even more fun) as something they've lived with all their lives. Then shake it up and serve in a deliciously cracktastic bit of fanfic.
prophecy girl

"we send our greetings from the terrarium..."

Typing up Narnia Chronicle quotes i got all teary ("Please, Aslan," said Lucy, "what do you call soon?" / "I call all times soon," said Aslan --The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and it occurred to me that Emeth in his Tash/Aslan speech at the end of The Last Battle is Paul. And we are not speaking about the multitude of issues i have with The Last Battle. Not at the moment. (The famous Tash/Aslan speech is one bit i like quite a lot, there's just other stuff that yeah, not talking about it.)

Tsunami in Southeast Asia. Unseasonable rain causing mudslides where my mother's best friend and her family live (they're fine, don't worry).

A friend of mine posed a question to her flist and then posted her own answer a few days later.

q. if you could choose how you were going to die, how would it be? excluding in your sleep from natural causes. most people don't die that way, so let's be realistic. how do you want to go?
a. if i could choose the way i'd die, i'd want to die from an illness. cancer, aids, something terminal, because i'd want to know i was dying so i'd have time to say goodbye to my family and get my affairs in order.

Huh. I'd never thought of it that way.

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