January 12th, 2005

hermione by oatmilk

went to bed, couldn't sleep

How tempting is it to make a full icon set of food animals.

Okay, this is partly because i like showing off the pretties even though they aren’t my own and partly so i can have all the images handy for deciding which to add to my rotation, but i might as well open it up to popular opinion while i’m here.
Any icons you particularly think i should add to my rotation?
And while we're on the subject: any suggestions of which ones to take out of the current rotation?

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crazy [lavellebelle]

slush and puddles

Remember what i said about it looking like the rest of AJ's absence was gonna be low-key? Yeah, i take that back. *growls*

don't look so offended; you know, you should be flattered
i'm better, i'm better off alone