January 16th, 2005


"Caracus: 9000 miles"

So, apparently the canonization of a squick/kink on a recent television show has lots of people in a tizzy. (Amusingly, what am i reading right now? Taboo or not Taboo: Sexuality and Family in the Hebrew Bible -- which is not very great so far, but i digress) In response, seanarenay (with prodding from sexonastick) has put out a Blacklist Challenge Redux: Incest (blood ties) only this time.

[Friday night, LiveJournal says: "Our data center (Internap, the same one we've been at for many years) lost all its power, including redundant backup power, for some unknown reason. (unknown to me, at least)"
I say: Incest broke the Internet! ;) ]

mt showed Gregory's Girl. I wasn't particularly looking forward to an 80s teen romance, but trust Michael to pick the ever so awkward (but not painfully so) one; and despite all expectations, i really really enjoyed the movie.
I adore Madeline. I also like the hot geek with the beret :)

Escher Sketch

"We who believe in freedom..."

So, i was going to withhold purchasing a domain until i actually had all the pages written and coded so i wouldn't be wasting money on a domain that wasn't actually live, but then there was a good deal on webspace and i caved and actually it was a very good thing because it's been motivating liek whoa. I'm reading huge amounts of fanfic, and writing summaries, and sigrun's walking me through coding issues. I have a huge stack of books to read that i don't think are going to get read before the Break ends, and recently i seem to be needing tons of sleep. I've been putting off purchasing books for my classes, which is bad. More people are back at Smith, which is nice, even though i kind of want to drown myself in all the coding and the words, because i'm busy filled productive, and there's not enough time to do everything but that means i'm always doing something almost all the time unlike schooltime when i'm overwhelmed and thus time-wasting.

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