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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Thursday, January 20th, 2005

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I misstyped and went to waether.com.

This is what i got.Collapse )

P.S. UMass finally sent Smith my grade, pulling my term average up to my highest yet.
3 helpings of french fries and 2 helpings of green beans (lunch)
OtherGirl is ill, so i worked a full day today. E would have slept through a movie anyway, so it was fine.

I need to stop reading Picard/Q fic at work 'cause i squeak. (I should also rewatch Generations / watch all the movies. This is a Spring Break plan if not earlier.)

Coding is fun, though.

Current peeve: broken e-mail addresses. Dude, i wanna tell you your fic rocked and i can't get a hold of you.

Tonight's j-term movie: Some Like It Hot
"Screwball comedy" = not a selling point for me. "Cross-dressing jazz musicians" = a possible selling point. And while i suspect Marilyn Monroe's lifestory is interesting, she does nothing for me in film. So i had minimal expectations for my enjoyment of the film. And i was far from a fan at the beginning. But it did grow on me.
By the end of the tango scene i said, "Sometimes i love this film."
Also: Best. Ending. Ever.
(And yes of course there's slashfic. Hat-tip Emma -- of course.)

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