January 26th, 2005


Hey look, i'm interesting again.

Oh, i forgot to mention that in my MAT class, the prof talked a lot about teaching to kids who are uninterested and/or reading below grade level, and he told us that there's a comic book version of Macbeth that uses as its text the actual Shakespeare and he was all "Don't laugh, it works," and i was all, "Dude, that's the best thing i've heard all day."
At the Sundance Film Festival, a New Power Broker Is Born
John Sloss, an aggressive dealmaker for films such as "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Super Size Me," has singlehandedly turned the festival into an even more competitive marketplace.
My immediate reaction: "But those films were crap." Okay, i haven't actually seen the latter, but i've read enough about it to be able to bitch quite well. And anyone who wants can chime in with why they loved Napoleon Dynamite. (Oh, and the cow scene? I am so my father's daughter.)

At dinner tonight, we were talking about studying things for the rest of our lives, and i said basically i wanna read stories for the rest of my life. Emma said i could be a book reviewer. Almost immediately thereafter, either she or Liz pointed out that actually that would be a bad idea since i don't like anything.

hedy pointed me to this in metaquotes:
I dreamed last night that one of my professors assigned us to do a literary analysis of semiotics in Clifford the Big Red Dog slash fic.

I really shouldn't friend episodic_buffy, should i? (It's currently on 1.7, "Angel" -- the episode following "The Pack.")

HoYay goes mainstream, and my father e-mailed me this with the Subject line "For what it's worth (The OC, Simpsons mainstreaming (?) teh gay)"
1) Yes, my father says/writes "teh" now because of me :)
2) The article my dad sent me makes me wanna watch The O.C. (and of course ever since i first heard about that plotline, everytime i hear about it i am reminded of the Celebration skit which predated it).
2a) Kate Lockley was the one in that L&O storyline!? I heard vaguely about it but hadn't paid much attention since i barely watch L&O and certainly don't know character names.

Stacey gave me a new copying job today, and in with the pile was one of gift types i've done before, so i did the new job and then did the one, paperclipping it separate. When i gave her all the piles and pointed out about the oddball she said, "you're brilliant, you're brilliant." Yes, she really did call me "brilliant" twice. I think she must have been having a rough day or something, 'cause she's always appreciative but rarely so effusive as that.

Read Tolkien's essay "On Fairy-stories" (pages 31-99 in The Tolkien Reader). Found i rather liked his style in general, which surprised me. I was reminded a lot of that opening day of Betsey's class when we talked about defining fairy tales, because the first ten pages or so of Tolkien's essay is basically a lengthy discussion of that question. The short answer is that fairy tales aren't tales about fairies themselves but about the land of Faerie, which encompasses so much more. I'll spare you the copious quotage, but i'm tempted to open a class [years from now when i'm a professor] with the words that open his essay:
I propose to talk about fairy-stories, though I am aware that this is a rash adventure. Faërie is a perilous land, and in it are pitfalls for the unwary and dungeons for the overbold. And overbold I may be accounted, for though I have been a lover of fairy-stories since I learned to read, and have at times thought about them, I have not studied them professionally. I have been hardly more than a wandering explorer (or trespasser) in the land, full of wonder but not of information.
I'll bet the television ratings for the Patriots game last night will be impressive. So few people going out or worrying, "I have to get up early tomorrow." Well, it's fun that they won. And for a few days, all the Super Bowl hype and excitement will be fun, too. But I think I'm going to get awful tired of two weeks of it. I wonder if there will be some can't-get-away-from-it slogan like the years ago anti-Miami Dolphins "Squish the Fish" (and yes, dolphins aren't fish; they're marine mammals. But that didn't seem to lend itself to a snappy slogan. "Sucker punch the cetaceans"?)
-email from my father Monday morning

moxiemuse reminded me about filing FAFSA and i wondered if i was gonna be getting a W-2 from MML (i'm not sure i've worked for them within the past fiscal year). She said she knew she wouldn't be getting a W-2 from home 'cause she worked under the table. I said i worked over the table, got paid by the town. It's so sad that i didn't realize what i had walked into until she actually pointed out it out to me. "Working over the table, getting paid by the town."

P.S. omg doyle_sb4 wrote me fic.
anime night

Whee, snow!

Cat and i are two of the few people (still) excited about the snow. I got up this morning to a world blanketed in white and was much pleased. The snow is all plowed now and glittery and i continue to be pleased.

At RCFOS tonight we talked about Hell and i devil's advocated some theological standpoints i don't actually believe in and also talked about the wonderful imagery i love from my mother of encountering the Divine after death and being overwhelmed by the light and truth and undeniability of it (hence the "every knee shall bend, every tongue confess..."), though having recently reread the Narnia Chronicles, i thought of the scene with the Dwarves (whom, we hear repeatedly, are for themselves) at the end of The Last Battle ("You see," said Aslan. "They will not let us help them. They have chosen cunning instead of belief. Their prison is only in their own minds, yet they are in that prison; and so afraid of being taken in that they cannot be taken out), which tied in with the piece from The Problem of Pain that Emily had read at the beginning about being so self-oriented. The only Hell i'm willing to accept as existing is eternal separation from God, and Meg was talking about how in Dante's Inferno the punishment fits the crime in that the people are doing for eternity the things they chose time after time in life and that in Purgatorio people are also punished, but whereas the people in Hell never cry out to God, the people in Purgatory are constantly talking to God, so i guess i could see people choosing to reject God, thinking that that's what they truly want, and that's their punishment (that whole "be careful what you wish for: you just might get it" thing). I just can't see the Loving Creator God in whom i believe condemning people to Hell for eternity, but there's also the whole issue of free will, and God can't force you to do anything. Though of course God loves us so much that every time we reject God it hurts God, and this connects with my early thought about Hell-as-separation-from-God and Jesus as being God reaching out to humanity, an effort to bridge* that gap and connecting that with the whole "I am the Way and the Truth and the Light and no one comes to the Father but through me."
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In Inklings class today, the prof asked us what surprised us in the the Carpenter reading we did, and everytime someone would mention something, she would write it on the board and then talk about it for 10 minutes. This got real painful real fast, so i'm hoping the rest of the semester we primarily have actual discussion. Also, i have no classes or anything on Fridays. The prof's already talking about how we might not get to all of the material, and we're already falling behind, so i would really rather have class on Fridays (the class is officially MWF, but we're only gonna be meeting MW).

AJ was out sick, so i got a lot of reading done at work. Chatted with Stacey for a while, which was good 'cause we've barely spoken recently.

Have i mentioned recently that i love my advisor? 'Cause i do.

doyle_sb4 says, "I've seen this meme all over." Clearly we have different circles, as this was the first i saw it.
1. Comment with any subject that you would like me to rant on.
2. Watch my journal for your rant.
3. Post this in your own journal, so that you may rant for others.
Being me, i just laughed at the idea of people actually asking me to rant about something, though it did remind me that i should make a list of all the manifestos i wanna write.

scrollgirl says that "minim_calibre has a wonderful thread going on over here about why we like the female characters we like (any fandom) and why we're not so hot on others." and that "Her post springs off from thete1's post on why we identify with female characters, or don't"

I should probably participate, but since off the top of my head Willow, Tara, and Dawn are all mini-essays in and of themselves, i'm thinking not.

fabu posted recently with her list of "Ten Things I'd Like to See More of [in fanfic]" which i think is such a good concept -- likely far more productive of getting the fic you want than listing things you're sick of seeing in fanfic (which is not say that it isn't good and useful to point out things that are bad).

doyle_sb4 has a poll about "There needs to be more Buffy/... fic"

damned_colonial wants to hear from males who read slashfic.

"Someday, I Will Copyedit The Great American Novel"

"Return to Oz" (Scissor Sisters) has been intermittently stuck in my head recently (thanks to wolfling and mogigraphia's vid), and apparently my mother's birthday (tomorrow) is LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day.

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