January 27th, 2005


"The patchwork girl has come to cinch the deal"

Nothing like an unintentional all-nighter to knock my sleep schedule back into whack.

7am: pale purples and blues, the shining moon above the buildings.

Mmm, Hubbard has yummy (pea)nut butters again. And Smith plowed liek whoa.

Filling out Skarda's "Student Introduction" form was fun. Collapse )

Class with Skarda continues to rawk. She was late to class and there was much banter, and then we actually started on Ourika and she said something like "Didn't you find it haunting?" and i said "No" and she said something like, "You can always count on Elizabeth [surname] to not like a book," and i said, "I'm a bad English major, what can i say?" and she said, "No, you're a good English major, that's the problem." I didn't actually participate much in the discussion, but much fun was had.

Meg and i finally got together and now have a standing lunch date for Tuesday/Thursday for the rest of the semester -- because what is a Tuesday/Thursday lunch without an off-campus Smithie? though of course no one could replace my darling.

And Moriah-from-NHS is coming to visit next Friday. Yay for people.

All week i've been saying that my seminar is the one class that isn't allowed to suck (because it's the one thing i can't drop/fail) and lo, i think it's my least favorite of all my classes. A whole lot of the Chaucer kids seem to have just migarated into the seminar, and the class is maxed out. Not that this is a bad thing, just a note. Something about the prof kinda bugs me, but i can't put my finger on it. I really think this course is gonna be my lightest reading load, even with the course reader, which is weird since it's a seminar. Though all of my classes seem to have really easy workloads in terms of papers/projects/exams, which makes the Booklists of Doom so totally doable. I have visions of a semester full of Been There Done That as far as the seminar goes, but we shall see.

For leading discussion, my first choice would have been
Fairy Tale to Contemporary Short Story I: Beauty and the Beast. Versions in Tatar, pp. 25-73, with special attention to Angela Carter's "The Tyger's Bride" (also in The Bloody Chamber) and "The Courtship of Mr. Lyon," The Bloody Chamber, pp. 41-51.
Instead i got
Folktale in Elizabethan Tragedy, contginued. King Lear III-V and "Cinderella in Maria Tatar, ed., The Classic Fairy Tales, 101-37
which upon reflection might in fact be a better one.

Serenity appears about 16 minutes into the Battlestar Galactica premiere episode.
Countdown 'til crossover fic, anyone?

Question for Firefly fans:

Poll #426399 Tam age difference

What do you think is the age difference between Simon and River?

I'm not looking for official statements about the character's ages but rather am curious as to what your impression of the age gap is as a viewer (feel free to tell me a range).