February 6th, 2005


"Never win first place, I don't support the team..."

Meg and i missed each other on Thursday, and Moriah had to cancel on me for Friday. Life is pain, as Meg said. Only, not really. My life is not Tess of the d’Urbervilles (which is nigh on 400 pages and which i didn’t start in earnest until Friday, because i suck). P.S. Oh, memories.

Friday was positively balmy. Predictions of snow, what? Crazies. I slept in, had a leisurely lunch, did assorted errands including laundry and finally putting a picture of myself up on facebook. Thursday night i finally posted to slashthekey and futureverse.

And yeah, there endeth-ed the productivity. On Friday i hung out with people -- or at least Emma -- from tea (4pm) until nearly 10pm. Though i did do lots of Tess reading afterward. And finished it on Saturday. (Oh, textual entrances into slash, how i love thee.) Now i just have to read Death of a Salesman and do my reader response journal for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (and reread and take notes on the end of Surprised by Joy). That’s for tomorrow. For now, fanfic to quell the Hit With Big Sticks feeling that carried me through most of the novel.

ZOE: You sanguine about the kinda reception we're apt to receive on an Alliance ship, Captain?
MAL: Absolutely. (then) What's sanguine?
ZOE: Hopeful. Plus, item of interest, it also means bloody.
MAL: Well, that pretty much covers the options, don't it?
-Firefly, “Safe”

Every time i read the name Angel Clare i kept thinking of Angel Juan. Oh, things i don’t have the time to reread.

209 rearranged their room, so i swapped my bookcase for a 4-shelved one. The shelves aren’t as deep as my old one, but that’s almost a non-issue; and there are 4 shelves instead of 3, which is the important part. And the dark wood is yummy.

Friday, Felicia called me and Emma (and Cat?) repressed. Somehow not the word that usually comes to mind. And it’s possible i’ll never be able to look at pineapples with a straight face again, at least around certain people.

Emma, on Time Bandits: “I still haven’t decided how I feel about the ending. I need to write that fanfic.”
Me: “I’m already writing that fanfic.”
Emma: “Why haven’t you finished yet?”

I’m thinking SuperBowl is prime time to work on fic ‘cause i clearly can’t do homework during it.

"Sometime before 6:30, the game will start. Remember the game, between the Patriots, who could win their third Super Bowl in four years, and the Eagles, who last played (and lost) in the Super Bowl 24 years ago?"
-Richard Sandomir, on the excess of pre-game programming

Oh, look, young Ian McKellan and Judi Dench from my MAT class copy of Macbeth.

David Lenson, my UMass Comp-Lit Brave New Worlds prof, mentioned during the Maria Tatar radio interview that one of his students wanted to do a senior honors thesis on fanfiction, and from his tone it sounded like he denied said student. I e-mailed him and mentioned Susan Cocalis, my UMass Grimms to Disney prof, in my e-mail. This is the response i got:
I'd never deny a student the opportunity to do new research! C'mon! I think the project may be a bit bogged down at the moment, but her name is [name removed] and she's in my current class. I'll see if it's ok with her to give out her email address.

I invited Susan Cocalis to join us on the show, but she had a prior commitment. Tatar, Cocalis and I are old pals from graduate school.

"Your recs page is my new crack."

And wisdomeagle wrote me fic for buffyverse1000! I have love.

I caved and signed up for the Ethan Rayne ficathon.

I am not, however, doing the Multifandom One Ring Fic Challenge, obviously.

I’m excited about my femslash05 assignment.

Emma, i thought of you.

I have the “Normal Again” outtake [JM/NB kiss] vid clip again! ::loves mpoetess::

There is an Angelus prayer. Yeah, it’s named for the Latin beginning, but still; being in fandom makes one’s brain extra-confused. (Hat-tip, sigrun.)

BlogThings says i’m 30 :)

"The telephone doesn't scare me anymore..."

Walking to church with the melting snow and the sun and i don’t know, something in the air, it felt like spring, which was rather ironic coming as it did on the heels of this Groundhog’s Day.

The Scripture readings were Exodus 24:12-18 and Matthew 17:1-9.

Liza gave the sermon, called “Coming Down From the Mountain.” She started off talking about Moses and how the patriarchs were rather jerks, and moved into how God calls people one wouldn’t necessarily expect, at times one wouldn’t necessarily expect. I almost wept when she talked about Jesus says of the one who is to betray him three times, “This is the rock upon which I build my church.” And later in the sermon, moving back to the actual title, she talked about how one isn’t allowed to just stay on the mountain basking in the glory of God, one has to go back down the mountain back to the people and do God’s work. (Tonight, among other things, i’ve been Blackboard discussing Narnia and Surprised by Joy, and this connects nicely.)

"Swiftly Pass the Clouds of Glory"
Swiftly pass the clouds of glory, heaven's voice, the dazzling light;
Moses and Elijah vanish - Christ alone commands the height!
Peter, James and John fall silent, turning from the summit's rise
downward toward the shadowed valley where their Lord has fixed his eyes.
Glimpsed and gone the revelation - they shall gain and keep its truth
not by building on the mountain any shrine or sacred booth
but by following the savior through the valley to the cross
and by testing faith's resilience through betrayal, pain and loss.

This memories meme brings me joy.

"we've had a lot of fun." -lilithchilde
Dude, that sounds so farewell-y.

Me (on Tess): “It’s a classic.”
Cat: “That means you hate it.”

Peeve: If i friend you on facebook and also send you a facebook message along the lines of, “I miss you,” confirming the friendship but not replying to the message is teh laem.
Peeve2: Fake LJ-cut tags.

SuperBowl was tres boring. So much stoppage in the first half. I feel like the last time i watched football it wasn’t nearly this bad. But yeah, the point of watching the Super Bowl truly is the commercials. Clearly my winners were the gay shoutouts (Diet Pepsi wins!), which really are subsumed under the category of twisting gendered assumptions (motorcycle gang leader: “The salad bar is better at the place up the road”). The “Can you hear me now?” monkeys and the “Don’t assume” cat commercial were also good.

And dude, Felicia is usurping my place as She Who Hates Everything. I defended both Tess and the frozen car commercial tonight.

Note to self: Do not try to write Genius Girl while watching the Super Bowl. You will want to research every other line, which is just not feasible in that situation. Though i did get plot worked out in my head, which is good.

"Your ideal partner" options from this quiz include:
-Wears glasses and calls you "sir"
-Dresses like you and likes to blow bubbles
-Is brainy and busty
Remind me to work these into fic some time :)

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And finally: I aim to avoid my homework please. (I had finished Death of a Salesman and was totally justified in taking a break.)

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