February 7th, 2005

tell me a story [lizzieb]

"Do you think you could be with me soulfully?"

Mmm, arguing Narnia. The fact that i've read the whole series definitely helps. In class i talked about The Magician's Nephew and The Last Battle in addition to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and was pleased to learn that at least one other student in the class has read the entire series. (She said something about Prince Caspian, and CZ mentioned Companion to Narnia, which i now really wanna read, since i've been interested ever since i reread the series over Winter Break about the Christian symbolism/allegory in the 4 non-obvious books. Though i just found a nice bullet-point list on Wikipedia.)

I referenced The Magician's Nephew in a Blackboard argument about Edmund over the weekend and tonight referenced The Last Battle, the Bible (John 20:29b), TNG ("Devil's Due") and The Passion of the Christ ["Theologically, the point is not that Jesus suffered more than any human being ever has on a physical level. It is that his suffering was profound and voluntary and the culmination of a life and a teaching that Gibson essentially omits." -Andrew Sullivan] all in the same post :)

"I did not say to myself 'Let us represent Jesus as He really is in our world by a Lion in Narnia'; I said 'Let us suppose that there were a land like Narnia and that the Son of God, as he became a Man in our world, became a Lion there, and then imagine what would happen'. "
-letter from C. S. Lewis to some Maryland fifth graders in 1954 (via a Blackboard poster)

I also wrote fanfic (porn) during some of the boring parts of class. My femslash05 fic is turning all dark and non-shippy. Meep.

Set in England but filmed in France, as director Roman Polanski was wanted on sex-related charges in the United States and could have been extradited from England.
-IMDb trivia for Tess

Reading NYTimes, how did i forget about "Product message (optional)." That was possibly the best commercial of the night, but no, Diet Pepsi guy getting checked out by Cindy Crawford and Carson Kressley is what i remember.

P.S. I really like this story.