February 14th, 2005

anime night

"I see the mountain, and that is all that I see..."

Friday it warmed up and melted the snow from the previous night. Saturday night, Sunday really as it was after midnight, we had a little snow -- nice coating on the cars and suchlike. There was still a little bit left when i left for church, but it was already feeling springlike, and all was melted by the time i came back. It feels far too early to have the winter/spring back-and-forth. Emma has a nice poetic entry loving the snow. The snow still makes me happy, and i'm glad i'm not the only one.

Prelude Meditation
Lead us not, then, into temptation of playing God with anyone; of judging people as though we had God’s right to judge them; of playing games with people as though they existed for the purpose of giving us pleasure and satisfaction.
-Bishop John B. Coburn, Deliver Us From Evil

Call to Worship
This is the season of Lent, a season to remember the sufferings of Jesus Christ.
A season to remember that to follow Christ is to take up out cross and be a servant to others.
A season to remember Jesus' question: "Are you able to drink the cup that I drink?"
A season to ask ourselves how we, like Simon the Cyrene, might help to bear The Cross.
A season to ask ourselves how we, like Pilate and Caiphas and the crowd, continue to nail Christ to the Cross.
A season to ask ourselves what we, like the woman with the fine ointment, have to offer.
A season to watch and wait with Christ; that we may have the courage in our own hour of testing.
A season to proclaim with Mary Magdalene, that Christ is not dead but alive!
I like church a lot better when we don't talk about the President of the United States as being evil.

First Churches is doing something of an inverse Advent, though -- extinguishing one light from a candelabra each Sunday through Lent (three purple candles on each side of one taller white candle).

Why did i volunteer to present on Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"? I'd forgotten how tough that story is. I love and adore Joe and owe him my firstborn or something -- well okay not really, since it's only pretend teaching.

Having finished Jane Eyre obscenely late last night, i struggled through Out of the Silent Planet today (Sunday).

Of the trilogy, my father wrote: "The speculation on what other planets are like turns out to be very wrong, which shouldn't get in the way of someone nurtured on Buffy, but which did bother a younger science geek (guilty as charged, your honor)."

I argued that you have to play by the rules of your universe, so setting a story in this universe and getting things wrong would bother me. Once they landed i was full willing to have described for me whatever kind of world Lewis fancied, but the bizareness of the journey bothered me (not to mention the incessant descriptions, but that's a complaint of a different nature).

[Oh, dork moment: a scene in Out of the Silent Planet reminded me of The Lord of the Rings because i'd recently watched a fanvid.]

Monday Inklings class is cancelled due to professor illness, necessitating Friday class. Grr. I have a paper due Friday, which i would rather work on Friday than on Monday. Yeah, yeah, life is pain.

I buy way more alcohol for underage first years other people than i do for myself. Grey Goose has really nice packaging (and a time-sensitive splash page! though the website has no further content).

I need to scan the outside cover of the Loves Me Not package box 'cause it rawks. And the voodoo doll is cool. And the eraser says ERASE in neat lettering withe the latter letters partially erased and the soap says PURIFY with bubbles around the word and the chocolate wrapper says BINGE with a bite mark. (shoddy image of the package from their website)

The quote on the inside of the Loves Me package lid worries me:

Submit to love without thinking,
      as the sun rose this morning recklessly
extinguishing our star-candle minds.

(Searching for the full quote online, i found an interesting Unitarian sermon entitled "The Long Work of Rising." [PDF, HTML])

Though really, they're both kinda weird. The Loves Me Not is:

      I fled. O witches, O misery, O hate.
My treasure was left in your care...
      I have withered within me all human hope.
With the silent leap of a sullen beast,
      I have downed and strangled every joy.
-Arthur Rimbaud

The piece this is excerpted from is called A Season in Hell. Googling also got me a BtVS mid-S5 fanfic that uses the passage as an epigraph :).

Bringing Up Baby [two-disc special edition] and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead are both soon to be released on DVD.