February 26th, 2005

broccoli quote from SIKOS 2002

TV Guide: Top 20 Same-Sex Kisses

from glaad.org

The link requires that you be a TVGuide member, so for those who don't wanna register (and just for posterity) here's the article.

TV's 20 Best Same-Sex Kisses
by Daniel Coleridge, Damian Holbrook and Ileane Rudolph

V-Day is upon us, kids, and it's time for romantic reminiscing. And while we're sure you'll adore TV Guide's fun-filled list of TV's 20 Hottest Kisses of All Time, we at TV Guide Online thought you'd like to double your pleasure with our very own Top 20 list of TV's most memorable same-sex kisses. Some were hot, some were not, but all set off sparks on America's pop-culture radar.

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angry - books

"I love, rock and roll."

I was going to read all of G. K. Chesteron's Orthodoxy even though we were only asked to read the first 4 chapters. However, i am not a fan and am muchly disinclined to read the rest. (Even though the titles imply that some of the other chapters talk more explicitly about Christianity, which is a big selling point -- especially since Chesterton barely touched on Christianity in the first 4 chapters.) I didn't disagree with everything he said, but i disagreed with a lot, and his tone frequently rubbed me the wrong way, and his arguments often seemed flawed.

In other news, i reread The Polar Express. My Santa issues mean i enjoy it less than most. And as predicted, i do prefer my remembered (more accurately, "imagined," i suppose) ending. But not for the reason i had originally expected. Collapse )

"Imagine if our world was blue and weightless..."

I'm so not photogenic, but for some reason i really like the picture Lez took of me from Winter Weekend.

Is it almost March already? Trying to do a site update less than 2 weeks before Spring Break is not brilliant. I still need to send feedback e-mails on various pieces. And write rec blurbs for various things i've already tagged. Oh, productive things filling the spaces when i step away from the piles of productive things that affect my GPA. I really don't ever turn my brain off, do i? (No wonder sleep looks like such an attractive proposition.) [Edit: Oh, and i have ficathon fics i need to finish, too. *facepalm* ]

I'm going to 2 of the Mollie Rogers events tomorrow -- partly because i got more work done today than i had expected to, and partly because i am reminded that i can't work for extended periods of time without breaks.

I need to stop downloading stuff people post on YouSendIt because i have like no space left in my computer. Speaking of... i downloaded scads of mp3s back before buffymusic.net died and Smith put up firewalls liek whoa. If i uploaded them to YSI, would anyone be interested?

I am such a h0r. Tangent's selling t-shirts that say "social construct" with an arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing down, and i bought one. I really want an "Everyone loves a cunning linguist." t-shirt (sold by the Debate Team). Should i get pink w/ black writing, or black w/ pink writing?

Layna reminded me of when my dad used to make french fries from scratch. I kind of miss that. [Edit the second: One learns something new everyday. My parents often sing "food, glorious food" -- just that one line -- and i learned from Emma tonight that that's from Oliver.]