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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

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Was i gonna do homework tonight? Oops.
CZ's lecture on Chesterton did not improve my feelings on him. Especially since she talked about the Inklings as a continuation of Romanticism. Yeah, way to not sell me on something. She did say that Chesterton was often best friends with his enemies, in a way that reminded me of I was reminded of Tammy Bruce talking about Dr. Laura, so that was heartful. I sat quietly through the lecture and then bitched quickly at the end and stayed after briefly. She basically admitted that his analogies are overstated and his arguments don't hold up to close scrutiny. And yet, somehow this isn't a problem. 'Cause he's not actually wrong. Or something. Oh please let Mere Christianity be better.

Lunch was grilled cheese, though, so that was happifying.

Work followed. Oh Tryon Trip, how you are the bane of everybody's existence. Participant lists make my eyes bleed.

Pride and Prejudice in tonight's MAT class. Marina did the presentation, which surprised me. (Oh me and my tendency to project.) I totally didn't even take the time to refresh myself on the book but managed to contribute to class discussion anyhow. I think i might kill myself if i had to teach that book, though. (Yes, i know, i shouldn't joke about that. Speaking of, really should call SheOfTheManyUserNames.) We watched the dance scene wherein we first meet Darcy (actually starting with the preceding scene wherein Mrs. B. frets about convincing Mr. B. to visit Bingley) in 3 film versions (BBC, A&E, Laurence Olivier) and i was struck by how identical some of the actors/actresses were across versions. The dance was quite different in each one, though, and of course each version kept in slightly different things.

On The Commonly Confused Words Test, i scored:
English Genius
You scored 100% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 100% Advanced, and 77% Expert!
You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!
I have no idea what those percentages mean (and it would be nice if they told you the correct answers at the end) but yay being a genius.

Who thinks Kate (diadeloro) is cut out to be a soccer mom? Has somebody been spiking the water or something? Babe, just wear the pearls and start handing out death warrants. I totally volunteer to hit people with large sticks.

I updated my site. (And on the page it suddenly looks like a big update. I'm kind of impressed.)
Dear vidders: Please include title and artist of the song used as well as your own personal contact information in each vid.
Dear midnight-tempest.com: Why are you dead?

People sent me nice response e-mails about the feedback i sent. Yay for being appreciated. And yay for making people's days.

I am refraining from commenting on the "storm" until the morn. I will say that i don't particularly want a snowday, though.
"Some say love, it is a river..."
I appreciated being able to have a latenight snack last night, but the whole leaving breakfast food out in case of blizzard seemed a bit excessive. They did it last time, too. Both times Smith declared a Snow Emergency, predicted 6-12 inches, and we ultimately got a few inches.

Coming home from my Monday night class around 9pm the snow was just starting, small flakes, all blowing from one direction, and i was reminded of that line in The Wizard of Oz "I think there's a storm brewing." The snow kept going until about that same time tonight -- mostly larger flakes that were less pleasant to be walking around in.

It's funny, earlier this winter i was saying that the schizophrenia of the weather might be one reason i wasn't sick of winter yet -- because we got reprieves from the bitter weather -- but now the schizophrenia is making it harder for me to be in love with the winter weather; because we keep getting snatches of spring it starts to feel like it should be spring. But i have a rep to maintain as winter-loving. And i really do enjoy the snow. And seeing everything all coated in white, trees and all, was really lovely.

I was amused that on the day people were talking about wishing we had the day off i actually managed to haul myself out of bed in time to actually eat breakfast.

I used the phrase "narrative integrity" in my Eyre Affair Blackboard posting and Skarda was a big fan. Apparently she'd never heard the phrase before. I totally didn't invent it but hey, academics are thieves. Learned that "Snow in the night is like a gift" is from The Horizontal Man.
Guest name (Guest) wrote:
how would we know if classes tomorrow are cancelled?

velcrogerbil wrote:
If you look out your window and it looks like one of the scenes from "Day After Tomorrow." Then you'd stand a chance.

March 1 is Self-Injury Awareness Day. Last year, fox1013 posted a rant. This year she posted a story. meep.

SheOfTheManyUserNames is not dead. And lo there was much rejoicing.

And, in conclusion: I need to lock myself in my room for the next week and a half to get all my work done. (I think i need to make myself another to-do list.)
Lots of snow and passive-agressive whining does not a snow day make

Smith College: We only close for the apocalypse.


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