March 10th, 2005


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I wonder if State Street sells grenadine, 'cause it would be cool to make Tequila Sunrises. Though really, the question is whether State Street sells tequila.

"No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir."
Kate says i have a "dainty English major" way of flipping people off. We discussed insulting gestures, so i got Gestures: Their Origins and Distribution by Desmond Morris et al (1979) out from the library. Collapse )

After dinner we watched "Dish and Dishonesty" 'cause Kate was being masochistic and we wanted to improve things. I had forgotten how wonderful that season of Blackadder is.
"Still; for me, socks are like sex: tons of it about, and I never seem to get any."

assorted links from my dad:
-interesting juxtaposition of billboards
-homosexual necrophiliac duck

There are, of course, official British standards for the preparation of coffee (standard number BS 6379-4:1991) and tea (standard number BS 6008: 1980).
Clearly we have learned from the incident on The Heart of Gold ;)
"Dying for a cup of tea, are we?"

Sometimes when sk8eeyore talks about Jan i am reminded of Liz Carr. I mentioned Sarah and Jan tonight (Liz asked me, "Are you going to grad school?" and i started talking about all my friends who are going places.) and it turns out Liz knows Jan (college chaplains and all).

fandom as mafia

"Other early- to mid-90s TV shows I miss include Dangerous Minds (which was on Tuesdays at 9 PM on ABC starring Annie Potts and I loved it so)"

"There's a certain something about waking up in the morning and taking a a quizilla quiz, first thing. I mean, I can't lie and say I didn't always suspect that deep beneath my human, collegiate exterior there lay the beating heart of an alcoholic My Little Pony, but it's best to have these things confirmed by quizilla as fast as possible. That way you know how you stand."