March 11th, 2005


"This is fine, but not great, though I'd like you to edit a bit and post it on BB as a fine example.

Nothing like a looming deadline for a college essay to make those ficathon assignments look interesting. And then i saw The Beautiful People Movie (TM Cate). Collapse )

Factoid of the day: King Tut may have died of an infected leg wound.

Who knew DD sells Box O' Joe Chai? I knew there was a reason i didn't get up in time to have breakfast. Skarda talked about how we see in stories what we need, which i thought was an interesting take on what usually gets blanket referred to as "reading too much into it." "When we're horny, we read for sex. Right? Don't you? Elizabeth does. I can tell by the giggling. This is why she's applying to grad school to do 'Cultural Studies.' " Yes, this is me with my head in my hand. Though really, so not inaccurate. I mean, seminar paper much? I also now wanna read Robert Alter's The pleasures of reading: in an ideological age. See also Gillian:
Tibullus is constitutionally incapable of penning anything under 95 lines, as well as anything that doesn't dwell on the minutiae of subsistence agriculture.

Meanwhile, my housemates are analyzing the gender stereotypes portrayed in critics' darling primetime drama series "Jack and Bobby" on the WB.

And I'm studying...why?
My brother is picking me up around 4 on Friday. Once home, my Internet access will probably average once a day. I'm spending Sunday and Monday with Kate (so i will not be attending this) but otherwise i'm available. Who wants to fly me out to Mary Baldwin to hear Ruth Graham speak on March 16 and meet sk8eeyore and wisdomeagle and Jan? Oh, and if Felicia asks you for my address, charge her at least $200 for the information and give me half.

Anyone who's gonna be here over the summer and doesn't mind office work, e-mail ajohnson@smith and you can have my job. (And yes i bitch about my eyes bleeding sometimes, but we know i heart my job.)

More lines from Closer (and, more importantly, travel insanity).

"I wasn't stalking, I was lurking. And when I wasn't there, you looked for me."
"How would you know if you weren't there?"
"Because I was there, lurking from a distance."

"Were you spying?"
"Lovingly observing -- with a telescope."

Booking a $700 flight from Boston to Charlottesville for March 16 to hear Ruth Graham speak at Mary Baldwin and meet sk8eeyore and wisdomeagle and Jan is:
Poll #452549 Spring Break 2005



Of course, someone would have to pick me up from the airport (Ari says she can't) and there's the question of how long i should stay....
taken out of context

Paper: written. Packing: commenced.

Happy Birthday, offbalance! Sharon has the distinction of being one of the friends i have known the longest. And okay, it's really not all that long in the grand scheme of things (approx. 4 years) but given how people drift in and out of my life, this is impressive. We don't talk as much as we used to, but she's still a wonderful person with whom i can discuss Whedonverse, politics, college, personal drama, literature, whatever, and though we frequently disagree we're still loving and respectful and thoughtful. *cheers*

Sharon, you were probably the first of my peers to get a "real job" -- you and your publishing job with your name plaque -- but you are so not "old" in any sort of bad way. Hope you have a kickass birthday weekend.

Dude, i can't believe some of my friends think i'm insane for Spring Breaking to Virginia. (P.S. I didn't reply to youse who commented, but thank you for endorsement; i appreciate it.) Oh, Comment Threads of Doom doing interstate travel plans with 3 people. Have i mentioned recently how much i heart people who can plan? (Not to mention the major love i feel that people are willing to pitch in for travel costs so they can hang out with me.)

And Happy Birthday One Day Early to the wonderful sk8eeyore whose fault this whole insanity is ;)