March 24th, 2005

hermione by oatmilk

I win.

I got "Travelling Soldier" (Dixie Chicks) stuck in Fefe's head, plus i got a pretty serenade this time.

However, my scholastic situation remains the same: SO much work, so little motivation.

Edit: Now i have IM-serenade of "One Day More" from Les Mis because she is my dominatrix girlfriend for ever and ever amen.

"You will all become deserters."

      “When we were in India, we saw a festival in the city of their goddess Kali. She’s a goddess of destruction, Maggie. It was the bloodiest thing I’ve ever seen, thousands of animals slaughtered, hundreds of men beheaded. The whole world seemed slick with blood. Joshua and I saved some children from being flayed alive, but when it was over, Joshua kept saying, no more sacrifices, no more.”
      Maggie looked at me as if she expected more. “So? It was horrible, what did you expect him to say?”
      “He wasn’t talking to me, Maggie. He was talking to God. And I don’t think he was making a request.”
      “Are you saying that he thinks his father wants to kill him for trying to change things, so he can’t avoid it because it’s the will of God?”
      “No, I’m saying that he’s going to allow himself to be killed to show his father that things need to be changed. He’s not going to try to avoid it.”


     “The table will be set for the Passover feast of the Essenes,” Joseph said. “Stay here for supper.”
      “Celebrate the Passover early? Why?” John asked. “Why celebrate with the Essenes?”
      Joseph looked away from Joshua when he answered. “Because at the Essenes’ feast, they don’t kill a lamb.”

-from Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore
small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

Interesting that Purim starts on Maundy Thursday this year.

I have been so lethargic and braindead recently (so if i've neglected to comment on something, just poke me) that i made a concerted effort to be good and productive today.
  • I went to bed at a decent hour last night and and got up at a decent hour this morning. This meant i had breakfast, which was good because lunch was lame. (And there were cookies at seminar.)
  • I wore my new boots.
  • I checked my mail and filled out a Research Methods survey.
  • I made intelligent contributions in Skarda's class (and in seminar).
  • I had too-brief conversation about religion and politics and etcetera with Meg after lunch.
  • I did well on my seminar paper and was affirmed in my impression that i am farther along in the final paper process than at least some of my classmates.
  • Salad bar at dinner was exciting.
  • I learned at dinner that The Rocky Horror Picture Show includes a Jane Eyre allusion. And that The Unfortunately Named Lingerie Store now stocks sex accessories as well.
  • I finished the fic feedback that had been sitting partially-written on my computer for a while. (And was reminded what brilliant writersfox1013 and jennyo are. I also finally read "The Lure of Lies", because 2 people in the past week had seen it on Subtile Pairings and e-mailed me with praise for and a request to archive it -- my e-mail address had been accidentally attached to the author's name. Honestly, it was the sequel that really made me fall in love with the story.)
  • I went to Maundy Thursday service at First Churches. And they served real bread for Communion.
    And did The Vigil of Tenebrae, which i don't remember from the Maundy Thursday service i went to at United but which i think is so powerful.
  • Ruhi gave me yummy hamentaschen.