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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

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oh the burden of decisions
(English Department t-shirts)

I feel like "WORD." is preferable, but i really like the way the decapitilized looks.

vote before 9am tomorrow morningCollapse )
Thank God.
Coming back from RCFOS tonight it was sprinkling and smelled of rain asphalt. My favorite summer scent. Yesterday there was a moment when i smelled it, but it was false as it has not rained in over a week (as evidenced by the faded SGA election chalkings). I stepped outside for the first time today and it smelled like summer in Maryland, though that only lasted a moment. Upper eighties and humid is not my idea of enjoyable. I was grateful for the air-conditioning of my office and look forward to the predicted days of temps around sixty. And weather.com's Tonight forecast says "Thunder possible," which would be so happifying if it came true.

Kate writes: "At least the weather is finally starting to warm up, though apparently it's supposed to get cold again this weekend. So bizarre. In the 40s in April. Massachusetts is so weird."
Emma points out: "You realize that, for Massachusetts, 80s in April is a bit weird."

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